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  1. Há 1 dia · by the mid-1920s, most germans referred to their government informally as the deutsche republik, but for many, especially on the right, the word " republik " was a painful reminder of a government structure that they believed had been imposed by foreign statesmen, along with the relocation of the seat of power to weimar and the expulsion of …

  2. 29/07/2022 · Republic of Ireland - Wikipedia Republic of Ireland Ireland ( Irish: Éire [ˈeːɾʲə] ( listen) ), also known as the Republic of Ireland ( Poblacht na hÉireann ), [a] is a country in north-western Europe consisting of 26 of the 32 counties of the island of Ireland. The capital and largest city is Dublin, on the eastern side of the island.

  3. 03/08/2022 · The Roman Republic ( Latin: Rēs pūblica Rōmāna [ˈreːs ˈpuːblika roːˈmaːna]) was a state of the classical Roman civilization, run through public representation of the Roman people.

  4. Há 2 dias · Republik China auf Taiwan [9] genannt, ist ein im Zuge der Ein-China-Politik nur von wenigen Staaten diplomatisch anerkannter Inselstaat in Ostasien. Sein Territorium besteht aus der Hauptinsel Taiwan (99 %) und anderen, kleineren Inseln. [9] Der technisch hochentwickelte Industriestaat hat eine Bevölkerung von rund 23,5 Millionen Menschen. [11]

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    06/08/2022 · Austria - Wikipedia Austria Coordinates: 47°20′N 13°20′E Austria, [c] officially the Republic of Austria, [d] is a landlocked country in the southern part of Central Europe, situated at Eastern Alps. It is a federation of nine states, one of which is the capital Vienna, the largest city and state by population.

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    06/08/2022 · With over 60 million people, the country is the world's 23rd-most populous nation and covers an area of 1,221,037 square kilometres (471,445 square miles). South Africa has three capital cities, with the executive, judicial and legislative branches of government based in Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and Cape Town respectively.