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    Há 16 horas · English eight, from Old English eahta, æhta, Proto-Germanic *ahto is a direct continuation of Proto-Indo-European *oḱtṓ (w) -, and as such cognate with Greek ὀκτώ and Latin octo-, both of which stems are reflected by the English prefix oct (o)-, as in the ordinal adjective octaval or octavary, the distributive adjective is octonary .

    • eight
    • 8th, (eighth)
    • octal
  2. Há 16 horas · Population Over 91% of the Chinese population speaks a Sinitic language. A total of 1 521 943 700 people are speakers of the Chinese macrolanguage, of whom about three-quarters speak a Mandarin variety. Estimates of the number of global speakers of Sinitic branches as of 2018–19, both native and non-native, are listed below: Branch Speakers pct. Mandarin 1,118,584,040 73.50% Yue 85,576,570 5 ...

    • Proto-Sinitic
  3. Há 16 horas · History of writing Six major historical writing systems (left to right, top to bottom): Sumerian pictographs, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Chinese characters, Old Persian cuneiform, Latin alphabet, Devanagari Part of a series on Human history Human Era ↑ Prehistory ( Pleistocene epoch) Holocene Ancient Postclassical Modern ↓ Future v t e

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    Há 16 horas · Etymology The English language word deity derives from Old French deité, [26] [page needed] the Latin deitatem or "divine nature", coined by Augustine of Hippo from deus ("god"). Deus is related through a common Proto-Indo-European (PIE) origin to *deiwos. [27]

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    Há 16 horas · Christianity Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Christian Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem Classification Abrahamic Scripture Bible Theology Monotheistic Language Biblical Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic and Koine Greek Territory Christendom Founder Jesus Origin 1st century AD Judaea, Roman Empire Separated from Second Temple Judaism Number of followers c. 2.4 billion (referred to as Christians ...

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    Há 16 horas · You can help expand this article with text translated from the corresponding article in Russian. (August 2023) Click for important translation instructions. Armenians ( Armenian: հայեր, romanized : hayer, [hɑˈjɛɾ]) are an ethnic group and nation native to the Armenian highlands of West Asia.

  7. Há 16 horas · Französische Sprache Französisch (Eigenbezeichnung: (le) français [ (lə) fʁɑ̃ˈsɛ ], (la) langue française [ (la) lɑ̃ɡ fʁɑ̃ˈsεz ]) gehört zu der romanischen Gruppe des italischen Zweigs der indogermanischen Sprachen.