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  1. Princess Amélie Louise Julie of Arenberg, (full German name: Amalie Luise Julie, Prinzessin und Herzogin von Arenberg and full French name: Amélie Louise, princesse et duchesse d'Arenberg, (born 10 April 1789 in Brussels, Austrian Netherlands; died 4 April 1823 in Bamberg, Kingdom of Bavaria) was a member of the House of Arenberg by birth and, through her marriage to Duke Pius August in ...

  2. Princess Amalia of Teck (Amalie Josephine Henriette Agnes Sussane, 12 November 1838 – 20 July 1893), known as Countess Amalie of Hohenstein until 1863, was an Austrian noblewoman closely related to the royal houses of Württemberg and the United Kingdom.

  3. Princess Amalie in 1855, by Franz Xaver Winterhalter. Princess Amalie was born in Coburg, Germany, to Prince August of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and his wife, Princess Clémentine of Orléans. Since childhood, Amalie had been intended as the bride of Prince Leopold of Bavaria. [1] However, Duke Maximilian Emanuel in Bavaria fell in love with her ...

  4. Prince Frederick Augustus of Anhalt-Dessau. Mother. Princess Marie Luise of Hesse-Kassel. Princess Hilda of Anhalt-Dessau (13 December 1839 [1] – 22 December 1926) was a member of the House of Ascania by birth. She was a leader in the Dessau of the Deutscher Krieger-Hilfsbund (German War Auxiliary Corps).

  5. Princess Claudine of Teck (1836–1894). Prince Francis, Duke of Teck (1837–1900) who on 12 June 1866 at St Anne's Church, Kew, in England, married Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge (1833– 1897), younger daughter of Prince Adolphus, Duke of Cambridge (1774– 1850) the seventh and youngest son of King George III of the United Kingdom.

  6. Prince Philippe, Count of Paris. Mother. Princess Marie Isabelle of Orléans. Signature. Dona Maria Amélia ( French: Marie Amélie Louise Hélène; 28 September 1865 – 25 October 1951) was the last Queen of Portugal as the wife of Carlos I of Portugal. She was regent of Portugal during the absence of her spouse in 1895.

  7. 16 December 1871 – 13 June 1879: Her Serene Highness Princess Amalie of Teck, Baroness von Hügel; 13 June 1879 – 20 July 1893: Her Serene Highness Princess Amalie of Teck, Countess von Hügel; Sources. Book: Baring-Gould, Sabine. The land of Teck and its neighbourhood. John Lane The Bodley Head. 1911. London, New York. 260–307. Chapter XII.