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  1. 15 de set. de 2023 · Her husband, Edmund Tudor, was the son of Dowager Queen Catherine of Valois and her second husband Owen Tudor. Lady Margaret Shelton liked to go by the name Madge. It's possible that Madge Shelton was one of Henry VIII's many mistresses; this rumour is portrayed in the television series "The Tudors".

  2. 3 de set. de 2023 · After its bruising fight at Swansea, the Earl of Wiltshire’s host could only embattle one ward and this of three companies. These were commanded by Wiltshire, by Sir Owen Tudor and, due to the losses suffered at Swansea, by a respected and capable captain drawn from the Earl of Pembroke’s household retinue (Pembroke himself was…

  3. 16 de set. de 2023 · Place: Online, here on a private part of this website, and via Zoom. Join in from the comfort of your own home. Dates: 18 September – 27 September, plus regular Zoom discussions leading up to the event (starting June). Price: Full price $199, early bird price $149 (valid until 31 May 2023) with coupon code EBTUDOR. Click HERE to Register.

  4. 19 de set. de 2023 · 10. William Longespée, Earl of Salisbury. Answer: King John. William Longespée, the 3rd Earl of Salisbury, died in 1226 and is buried in Salisbury Cathedral. He was an illegitimate son of King Henry II and as such was an older half-brother of two kings: King Richard I and King John.

  5. 8 de set. de 2023 · Answer: Owen Tudor Theirs was a genuine love match. It is still uncertain whether or not Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor were ever legally married. Owen Tudor was a fierce supporter of the Lancastrian cause but was caught and executed in 1461.

  6. 30 de ago. de 2023 · The Tudor dynasty stands as a monumental pillar in the chronicles of English history, and at its core beats the heart of King Henry VIII, a monarch whose reign was characterized by unique shifts…

  7. 5 de set. de 2023 · It is said that Henry kept some affection for Richard who refused to use him as an hostage in 1399 when his father seized the throne. 9. For many years, Henry had views on France. In 1415, he requested for England, all of the old Angevin Empire including Anjou, Maine and Normandy. The French government rebutted him and Henry raised his army.