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    Há 1 dia · Old Spanish, also known as Old Castilian (Spanish: castellano antiguo; Old Spanish: romance castellano [roˈmantse kasteˈʎano]), or Medieval Spanish (Spanish: español medieval), was originally a dialect of Vulgar Latin spoken in the former provinces of the Roman Empire that provided the root for the early form of the Spanish ...

  2. Há 16 horas · Spanish ( español or idioma español ), or Castilian [a] ( castellano ), is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from colloquial Latin spoken on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe. Today, it is a global language with about 486 million native speakers, mainly in the Americas and Spain. [1]

  3. Há 3 dias · Because Old Spanish resembles the modern written language to a relatively high degree, a reader of Modern Spanish can learn to read medieval documents without much difficulty. The Spanish Royal Academy was founded in 1713, largely with the purpose of standardizing the language.

  4. Há 2 dias · History of Spain Prehistory Early history Roman Hispania Early Middle Ages Middle Ages Early modern period Peninsular War Absolutist restoration Reign of Isabella II Sexenio Democrático Restoration Spain Second Republic Francoist Spain Contemporary history Topic Timeline Spain portal History portal v t e

  5. Há 3 dias · Old Spanish used to distinguish /s/ and /z/ between vowels, and it distinguished them by using ss for the former and s for the latter, e.g. osso ('bear') and oso ('I dare to'). In orthography, the distinction was suppressed in 1763.

    b or v
    word-initial after a pause, or after ⟨m⟩ ...
    bestia; embuste; vaca; envidia
    b or v
    elsewhere (i.e. after a vowel, even ...
    bebé; obtuso; vivir; curva; mi bebé; mi ...
    before ⟨e⟩ or ⟨i⟩
    [θ] (central and northern Spain) or [s] ...
    cereal; encima
    before voiced consonants
  6. Há 1 dia · The core vocabulary of Judaeo-Spanish is Old Spanish, and it has numerous elements from the other old Romance languages of the Iberian Peninsula: Old Aragonese, Astur-Leonese, Old Catalan, Galician-Portuguese, and Mozarabic.

  7. Há 16 horas · The Spanish Empire, also known sometimes as the Hispanic Monarchy or as the Catholic Monarchy was a colonial empire governed by Spain and its predecessor states between 1492 and 1976.

  8. Spanish, on the other hand, hasn't been written as long as English. The oldest example of written Spanish is about 800 years old, but it's surprisingly close to modern Spanish which might indicate that the spoken language at the time was to to Modern Spanish too, and that even earlier forms of Spanish would be intelligible to Modern Spanish. I ...

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    Há 3 dias · Old French; Ancien Français: Franceis, François, Romanz: Pronunciation [fɾãnˈt͡sɛjs], [fɾãnˈt͡sɔjs], [ruˈmãnt͡s] Region: Northern France, parts of Belgium , Scotland, England, Ireland, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Principality of Antioch, County of Edessa, Kingdom of Cyprus: Era: Evolved into Middle French by the 14th century

  10. Há 2 dias · The Crown of Spain ( la Corona de España ), with its roots in the Visigothic kingdom from the 5th century and subsequent successor states, is recognized in Title II The Crown, Articles 56 through 65 of the Spanish Constitution of 1978. [1]

  11. 18 de mai. de 2023 · Hernán Cortés, in full Hernán Cortés, marqués del Valle de Oaxaca, also called Hernando Cortés or Fernando Cortés, Cortés also spelled Cortéz, (born 1485, Medellín, near Mérida, Extremadura, Castile [Spain]—died December 2, 1547, Castilleja de la Cuesta, near Sevilla), Spanish conquistador who overthrew the Aztec empire ...

  12. Há 2 dias · With the steady erosion of its continental and overseas empire throughout the 18th and 19th centuries, however, Spain was all but forgotten in world affairs, save for the three years that the ideologically charged Spanish Civil War (1936–39) put the country at the centre of the world’s stage, only to become ever more insular and ...

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