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  1. Há 4 dias · Nachem Malech Mailer (January 31, 1923 – November 10, 2007), known by his pen name Norman Kingsley Mailer, was an American novelist, journalist, playwright, and filmmaker. In a career spanning over six decades, Mailer had 11 best-selling books, at least one in each of the seven decades after World War II. [1]

    • 1941–2007
    • November 10, 2007 (aged 84), New York City, U.S.
  2. Há 4 dias · By Chris Vognar. April 9, 2024. William F. Buckley Jr., widely considered the godfather of modern conservatism, defended Joseph McCarthy and his communist witch hunts. He praised the “restraint ...

  3. Há 2 dias · This celebrated group of mostly male and Jewish writers, which included figures like Lionel Trilling, Alfred Kazin, Irving Howe, Norman Mailer, Daniel Bell, Irving Kristol, and Norman Podhoretz—forged a uniquely American vision of Jewish masculinity that at its core prized verbal combativeness, polemical aggression, and an unflinching style of argumentation.

  4. Há 5 dias · (Norman Mailer, 1955) Though set in Palm Springs, “The Deer Park” is the most insightful, unsparing look at the machineries of Hollywood I know of — Mailer’s underrated masterpiece.

  5. Há 1 dia · Sten Niklasson: Tough guy. I januari 1945 landsattes en invasionsarmé under ledning av generalen Douglas MacArthur på Luzon, Filippinernas största ö. Bland soldaterna fanns en tjugoettårig judisk yngling med namnet Norman Mailer, vars ambition var att skriva den ”stora romanen om kriget”. Mailer fick vänta i ett trupptransportfartyg ...

  6. Há 1 dia · Além disso, diversos escritores talentosos também exploraram o mundo do boxe em suas obras. O clássico "Raging Bull", escrito por Jake LaMotta, e "The Fight", de Norman Mailer, são exemplos de como o boxe pode ser retratado de forma poderosa e emocionante. O futuro do boxe Novos talentos emergentes

  7. Há 3 horas · “The psychic blast of his presence was the first blow landed,” Norman Mailer wrote about him in 1988, after Tyson defeated Michael Spinks in 91 seconds. It was said of Tyson that he could beat only those he could intimidate, but at the beginning of his career he seemed to intimidate plenty.

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