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  1. New York City is a global city and a cultural, financial, high-tech, entertainment, and media center with a significant influence on commerce, health care, scientific output, life sciences, research, technology, education, politics, tourism, dining, art, fashion, and sports.

  2. Nova Iorque (também referida como Nova York), oficialmente Cidade de Nova Iorque (em inglês: New York City), [6] é a cidade mais populosa do estado de Nova Iorque e dos Estados Unidos. [5] Sua região metropolitana é uma das áreas metropolitanas mais populosas do mundo [ 7 ] [ 8 ] [ 9 ] e é também a terceira cidade mais populosa da ...

  3. New York, often called New York City ( NYC ), is the most populous city by population in the United States. It is at the southern end of the U.S. state of New York. Over 8 million people currently live in the city, and over 22 million people live in the bigger New York metropolitan area.

  4. History of New York City. Manhattan in 1873, looking north. The Hudson River is at left. The Brooklyn Bridge across the East River (at right) was built from 1870 to 1883. The written history of New York City began with the first European explorer, the Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano in 1524.

  5. New York City is located on the coast of the Northeastern United States at the mouth of the Hudson River in southeastern New York state. It is located in the New YorkNew Jersey Harbor Estuary , the centerpiece of which is the New York Harbor , whose deep waters and sheltered bays helped the city grow in significance as a trading city.

  6. The Boroughs of New York City are the five major governmental districts that compose New York City. The boroughs are the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island. Each borough is coextensive with a respective county of the State of New York: The Bronx is Bronx County, Brooklyn is Kings County, Manhattan is New York County, Queens ...

  7. New York City is the most populous city in the United States, with an estimated 8,804,190 people living in the city, according to the 2020 U.S. Census (up from 8,175,133 in 2010; 8.0 million in 2000; and 7.3 million in 1990).