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  1. 2 de abr. de 2014 · Nathaniel Hawthorne was an American short story writer and novelist. His short stories include "My Kinsman, Major Molineux" (1832), "Roger Malvin's Burial" (1832), "Young Goodman Brown" (1835)...

  2. Nascido em Salem, Massachusetts, em 4 de julho de 1804, Nathaniel Hawthorne é o grande romancista da literatura norte-americana. Seus ancestrais fizeram parte da história da Nova Inglaterra desde as primeiras décadas de colonização, e o exame dos costumes e da história da região sempre fascinaram e influenciaram o escritor.

  3. Born: July 4, 1804. Died: May 19, 1864. Nathaniel Hawthorne, born on July 4, 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts was an American short story writer and romance novelist who experimented with a broad range of styles and genres. He is best known for his short stories and two widely read novels: The Scarlet Letter (mid-March 1850) and The House of Seven ...

  4. New England writer Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 in Salem, Massachusetts, where his paternal ancestors had been prominent since the founding generation (who then spelled their last name Hathorn). When he began writing fiction, he was drawn into a search for material in the careers of his early ancestors and in the history of colonial New England.

  5. 31 de out. de 2023 · Nathaniel Hawthorne - Nathaniel Hawthorne was born on July 4, 1804, in Salem, Massachusetts. His family, the Hathornes, had lived in Salem since the seventeenth century. A descendent of the Puritan judges William Hathorne and John Hathorne, a judge who oversaw the Salem Witch Trials, Hawthorne chose to add the “w” to his name ...

  6. Nathaniel Hawthorne, (born July 4, 1804, Salem, Mass., U.S.—died May 19, 1864, Plymouth, N.H.), U.S. novelist and short-story writer. Descended from Puritans, he was imbued with a deep moral earnestness.

  7. edit data. Nathaniel Hawthorne was a 19th century American novelist and short story writer. He is seen as a key figure in the development of American literature for his tales of the nation's colonial history. Shortly after graduating from Bowdoin College, Hathorne changed his name to Hawthorne.

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