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  1. Musbah bint Nasser (Arabic: مصباح بنت ناصر, "lamp of light"; 1884 – 15 March 1961) was the first queen consort of Jordan. She was born in 1884 in Mecca, Ottoman Empire. Her title at birth was Sharifa of Mecca.

  2. Musbah bint Nasser ( La Meca; 1884- Irbid; 15 de marzo de 1961) fue la primera reina consorte de Jordania entre 1946 y 1951, como esposa del rey Abdalá I. Antes de convertirse en reina, fue emira consorte de Transjordania desde 1921 hasta 1946, y a partir de entonces, reina consorte de Transjordania hasta 1949.

  3. List of Jordanian royal consorts. This is a list of the women who have been queen / princess consort of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan since the emirate was elevated to the status of a kingdom in 1949.

  4. Musbah bint Nasser was the first queen consort of Jordan. She was born in 1884 in Mecca, Ottoman Empire. She was the elder twin daughter of Amir Nasser Pasha and his wife Dilber Khanum.

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    In 1910, Abdullah persuaded his father to stand, successfully, for Grand Sharif of Mecca, a post for which Hussein acquired British support. In the following year, he became deputy for Mecca in the parliament established by the Young Turks, acting as an intermediary between his father and the Ottoman government. In 1914, Abdullah paid a clandestine...

    On 8 March 1920, Abdullah was proclaimed King of Iraq by the Iraqi Congress but he refused the position. After his refusal, his brother Faisal who had just been defeated in Syria, accepted the position. When French forces captured Damascus after the Battle of Maysalun (24 July 1920) and expelled his brother Faisal (27 July–1 August 1920), Abdullah ...

    Abdullah, alone among the Arab leaders of his generation, was considered a moderate by the West. It is possible that he might have been willing to sign a separate peace agreement with Israel, but for the Arab League's militant opposition. Because of his dream for a Greater Syria within the borders of what was then Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, and P...

    On 20 July 1951, while visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Abdullah was shot dead by a Palestinian who worked for the Husseini clan, who had passed through apparently heavy security. Contemporary media reports attributed the assassination to a secret order based in Jerusalem known only as "the Jihad", discussed in the context of the Muslim Brothe...

    Abdullah married three times.[citation needed] In 1904, Abdullah married his first wife, Sharifa Musbah bint Nasser (1884 – 15 March 1961), at Stinia Palace, İstinye, Istanbul, Ottoman Empire. She was a daughter of EmirNasser Pasha and his wife, Dilber Khanum. They had three children: 1. Princess Haya(1907–1990). Married Abdul-Karim Ja'afar Zeid Dh...

    Emir Abdullah of Transjordan with Sir Herbert Samuel and Emir Shakir ibn Zayid, Amman, 1921
    The Emir with Sir Herbert Samuel (centre) and T. E. Lawrence (left), AmmanAirfield, 1921r
    The Emir at the Cairo Conference with T. E. Lawrence, Air Marshal Sir Geoffrey Salmond and Sir Wyndham Deedes, March 1921
    The Emir with Sir Herbert Samuel and Mr. and Mrs. Winston Churchillat Government House reception in Jerusalem, 28 March 1921
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    Newspaper clippings about Abdullah I of Jordan in the 20th Century Press Archives of the ZBW
  5. Musbah bint Nasser, née en 1884 à La Mecque, dans l'Empire ottoman, et morte le 15 mars 1961 à Irbid, en Jordanie, est la première reine de Jordanie. Biographie. Musbah bint Nasser est la fille jumelle aînée d'Amir Nasser Pasha et de son épouse Dilber Khanum.

  6. Musbah bint Nasser, nascido em 1884 em Meca, no Império Otomano, e morreu em 15 de março de 1961 em Irbid, Jordânia, é a primeira rainha da Jordânia. Biografia. Musbah bint Nasser é a filha gêmea mais velha de Amir Nasser Pasha e sua esposa Dilber Khanum.