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  1. The 1976 Summer Olympics (French: Jeux olympiques d'été de 1976), officially known as the Games of the XXI Olympiad (French: Jeux de la XXIe Olympiade) and commonly known as Montreal 1976 (French: Montréal 1976), were an international multi-sport event held from July 17 to August 1, 1976, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    • 198 in 21 sports (27 disciplines)
    • Long Life to the Montréal Games, (French): Longue vie aux Jeux de Montréal
    • The Olympic Bid
    • Facilities
    • The Olympic Torch
    • Opening Ceremonies
    • Participation and African Boycott
    • Olympic Disciplines
    • Outstanding Performances
    • Results and Closing Ceremonies

    On a trip to Lausanne in 1963, Montréal mayor Jean Drapeau visited a museum located in the same building as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) offices. From then on, he began planning to obtain the Olympic Games for Montréal. (Drapeau’s legacy also includes Expo ’67, the Montréal Metro, and the Montreal Expos.) On 4 December 1969, Montréal f...

    The Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG), headed by president and commissioner Roger Rousseau, was responsible for planning and overseeing the construction of Olympic facilities, as well as the financing and operation of the Games. The committee oversaw the construction of the Stadium (which later housed the Montreal Expos), the Swimmi...

    An important part of the Olympic Games is the torch relay. On 13 July 1976, before a gallery of dignitaries, Maria Moscholiou (acting as high priestess of the flame) knelt near the Temple of Hera in Olympia and lit the Olympic flame. The relay then travelled more than 550 kilometres on Greek soil before reaching Athens on 15 July; there, the flame ...

    On 17 July 1976, at 3:00 p.m. more than 73,000 people gathered in the Olympic Stadium to take part in the Opening Ceremonies of the Montréal Olympics. The rituals began with the arrival of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by Prince Philipand Prince Andrew and by IOC president Lord Killanen and Commissioner of the Games Roger Rousseau. Th...

    In total, 6,084 athletes (1,260 women and 4,824 men) from 92 nations took part in the Olympic Games. However, this did not include athletes from 22 African countries that officially withdrew from the Games due to the sporting links between New Zealand and apartheid South Africa. The central issue was the refusal of the International Olympic Committ...

    The programme at the Montréal Games included 198 events representing 23 Olympic sports. These events took place at 27 competition sites, several located outside of Montréal (including Kingston, which hosted the sailing events). Significantly, women would compete in basketball, handball and rowing competitions for the first time in the Olympics (for...

    During the Montréal Olympics, athletes set more than 45 new Olympic records, including 23 in swimming and 18 in athletics. Swimming At the Olympic Pool, members of the powerful East German women's team recorded 11 new Olympic scores while in men’s competition, the Americans dominated, breaking 11 records. Canadian swimmers picked up eight medals in...

    The Montréal Olympics ended on 1 August 1976 with the closing ceremonies. The colourful show included more than 500 dancers forming the five Olympic rings. As a tribute to the First Nations, several hundred Indigenous people were invited to set up wigwams inside the rings. The audience gave Mayor Jean Drapeau, the instigator of the Games, a standin...

  2. Games Summary Games of the XXI Olympiad. Playing host to the Olympic Games for the first time, Canada won more medals than at the previous two Olympic Games combined. Without a gold medal on the table, however, one of biggest highlights and lasting images of the Games was Greg Joy winning

    • Montreal 1976: Games of the XXI Olympiad1
    • Montreal 1976: Games of the XXI Olympiad2
    • Montreal 1976: Games of the XXI Olympiad3
    • Montreal 1976: Games of the XXI Olympiad4
  3. Montreal 1976 Official Film | Games of XXI Olympiad. This is an unusual documentary in that it resists the temptation to exalt the winners. In the gymnastic competition, for example, neither Olga Korbut nor ...

  4. 17 de jul. de 1976 · Montreal 1976 Featured Athletes All Athletes Gold Silver Bronze Romania nadia comaneci Artistic Gymnastics - - - Soviet Union nikolay andrianov Artistic Gymnastics - - - German Democratic Republic (Germany) kornelia ender Swimming - - - Germany thomas bach Fencing