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  1. Há 22 horas · The oldest colleges are University College, Balliol, and Merton, established between 1249 and 1264, although there is some dispute over the exact order and precisely when each began teaching. The fourth oldest college is Exeter, founded in 1314, and the fifth is Oriel, founded in 1326. Women's colleges

  2. 19 de nov. de 2023 · Merton College. Distinguished by its 750-year history, Merton College is renowned for producing outstanding lawyers. Merton students consistently achieve exceptional results in law, with the college reporting some of the highest percentages of firsts and 2:1s in the subject across Oxford.

  3. 6 de nov. de 2023 · Merton College. Merton College Arms (16) Merton College stands on the S. side of Merton Street. The walls are of local Oxfordshire stone and the roofs are slate-covered. The college was first founded by Walter de Merton, later Bishop of Rochester, in 1264 and moved to Oxford in 1274.

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    The street upon which the collegefronts is called to-day Merton Street.In the Survey of 1772 it has thehumbler title of Merton Lane. On the map of 1750 itappears as King Street, the strip at the east end of it,leading into High Street, figuring as Coach andHorses Lane. But in the time of Walter de Merton,and indeed half a century and more before he...

    The 'House of the Scholars of Merton' takes itsname, not from the founder, but, like thefounder himself, from the AugustinianPriory of Merton in Surrey. On 7 May1262 Walter de Merton, 'some time Chancellor of theillustrious lord, Henry, King of England', obtainedfrom Richard Clare, Earl of Gloucester, his feudaloverlord, a licence to vest his manor...

    The college uses two seals: (i) The Sigillumad causas, used as the common seal of the college. Thisis an oval seal, showing the Virgin and Child, with achild beneath, praying. Round it runs the inscription's[Igillvm] Scolarium De Mertona Ad c[Avs]as.' TheVirgin and Child probably derive from the 13th-century seal of the Priory of Merton. (ii) The S...

    Of plate belonging to the period before theCivil War the college possesses only two pieces, acommunion-cup of 1568–9, and a rose-water dish of1605–6. But of plate subsequent to 1660 it has a fineand varied collection; all the items of which are listedin A Catalogue of the Plate of Merton CollegebyE. Alfred Jones, Oxford, 1938.

    In 1852 H. O. Coxe listed 346 manuscripts still in possession of the college (CatalogusCodicum MSS. in Collegiis Aulisque Oxoniensibus,Pars i). Of these 29 are Oriental manuscripts, 3 Greek,the rest Latin. A chronological and annotated description of the manuscripts (with a valuable historical introduction), was published in 1931 by F. M. Powicke(M...

    The college portraits acquired before1926 have been catalogued by Mrs. R. L. Poole, (fn. 56)themost interesting artistically being the fifteen portraits inpastel, drawn between 1779 and 1796 by Lewis Vaslet ofBath. Since 1926 there have been added oil paintingsby R. G. Eves, G. Goldsborough, W. Anderson, R.Moynihan, W. Nicholson, and four by H. Riv...

    Peter of Abingdon, 1264–86 Richard Werplysdon, 1286–95 John de la More, 1295–9 John de Wantynge, 1299–1328 Robert Trenge, 1328–51 William Durant, 1351–75 John Bloxham, 1375–87 John Wendover, 1387–98 Edmund Bekyngham, 1398–1416 Thomas Rodebourne, 1416–17 Robert Gilbert, 1417–21 Henry Abyndon, 1421–37 Elias Holcot, 1437–55 Henry Sever, 1455–71 John G...

  4. 10 de nov. de 2023 · This concert is generously supported by David Ure. Book now. Merton College Chapel is the magnificent setting for this performance of Claudio Monteverdi’s dramatic and thrilling Vespers of 1610.

  5. Merton College Choir; Merton College Girl Choristers; Choral Awards; Organ Awards; Events. Merton College Choir US Tour, September 2022; Vaughan Williams in Oxford Celebration; Recordings