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  1. 22 de nov. de 2019 · Since the beginning of recorded history, legends have been born surrounding the elegant, beautiful, and sometimes treacherous mermaid. Their siren songs, bea...

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  2. 31 de mar. de 2022 · They were later depicted as ‘femme fatales’ Later depictions of mermaids reflect the imagery of the Romantic period.Far from simply being bloodthirsty sirens whose main seductive quality was their singing, they became much more visually beautiful, with the image of the creatures as long-haired, sensual maidens still dominating today.

  3. The mermaids—like Andersen’s little mermaid—who can transform their tails into a human half (complete with legs) walk among us on land. Legend has it that some mermaids among us must wear a moonstone gem to maintain their fully human form, so spotting a piece of jewelry like this one can be a clue to finding a real mermaid.

  4. The Mermaid Wiki is a free, public and collaborative encyclopedia dedicated to the mermaids, merfolk and related species such as tritons, selkies, water nymphs and sirens. Both contemporary fiction and traditional folklore will be explored.

  5. 30 de mar. de 2024 · A mermaid is a mythical sea-dwelling creature, often described as having the head and body of a woman and a fish's tail below the waist. Stories of mermaids have existed for thousands of years and span cultures across the world - from coastal settlements in Ireland to the landlocked Karoo desert in South Africa.

  6. 21 de abr. de 2023 · As a welcome to our new followers, and a thank you to everyone who truly embraced Dance Fever in the most creative and beautiful ways. We have created the FA...

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  7. Mermaids is a charity and relies on the help and support from the community. Your donation goes directly towards helping thousands of transgender, non-binary and gender-exploring children, young people and their families.

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