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  1. Há 21 horas · Permian–Triassic boundary at Frazer Beach in New South Wales, with the End Permian extinction event located just above the coal layer. Approximately 251.9 million years ago, the Permian–Triassic (P–T, P–Tr) extinction event (PTME; also known as the Late Permian extinction event, the Latest Permian extinction event, the End-Permian extinction event, and colloquially as the Great Dying ...

  2. Há 8 horas · Make sure you know who you're criticizing before you actually criticize them, because it may just come back to haunt you. Everyone is on the internet these days. The general public, celebrities, scholars, doctors, writers… Every big name is out there somewhere online. This means that they can see anything, just like the rest of the world.

  3. Há 21 horas · Heareth our rendition of the famous Christmas tune you have heard across the globe, Deck The Halls. May thee drop a liketh & subscribeth for more of our sweet melodies as they are released upon thineselves. We hope to see thee in good stead on the morrow! Ye Olde Itunes:

  4. Há 21 horas · Molly Dennis. ROCHESTER — After more than two months of warnings, the Rochester City Council Monday night ejected Council member Molly Dennis from its public meeting. Council President Brooke ...

  5. Há 8 horas · Magnitude-5.7 earthquake occurs in northeastern Morobe Province, PNG, at 13:36 May 21. No initial reports of damage or casualties.

  6. Há 21 horas · Aug 28, 2021. Messages. 18. 2 minutes ago. #1. mounted on 24 inch fat rim, wires cut at axle from axle spin. If you can fix, make me an offer.

  7. Há 7 horas · TSA PreCheck is an airport-security express lane that can save you time while traveling. It's especially handy during the summer travel season when airports are busier with long lines. Gilbert Ott ...

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