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  1. Mary Jane Kelly [nota 1] (County Limerick, c. 1863 – Londres, 9 de novembro de 1888) foi uma mulher irlandesa que acredita-se que tenha sido a vítima final do notório assassino em série não identificado conhecido como Jack, o Estripador.

    • Early Life
    • Appearance
    • Marriage
    • Relocation to London
    • East End
    • Acquaintance with Joseph Barnett
    • 13 Miller's Court
    • Murder
    • Post-Mortem
    • Inquest

    Compared with the other four canonical Ripper victims, Mary Kelly's origins are obscure and undocumented, and much of this information is possibly embellished. Kelly may have fabricated many details of her early life as there is no corroborating documentary evidence, but there is no evidence to the contrary either.[n 1] According to Joseph Barnett,...

    Kelly has been reported as being a blonde or redhead, although her nickname "Black Mary" may suggest she had dark hair. Her eyes were blue. To some, Kelly was known as "Fair Emma", although it is unknown whether this applied to her hair colour, her skin colour, her beauty, or other qualities.Some contemporary newspapers report she was nicknamed "Gi...

    When Kelly was aged approximately 16 in about 1879, she reportedly married a coal miner named Davis or Davies, who was killed two or three years later in a mining explosion. Without any means of financial support, Kelly relocated to Cardiff, where she lived with a cousin. Although there are no contemporary records of Kelly's presence in Cardiff, it...

    In 1884, Kelly apparently left Cardiff and relocated to London, where she briefly worked for a tobacconist in Chelsea before securing employment as a domestic servant while lodging in Crispin Street, Spitalfields. The following year, Kelly is believed to have relocated to the central London district of Fitzrovia. Via her acquaintance with a young F...

    In 1885, Kelly briefly resided with a Mrs Buki in lodgings located near the London Docks North Quay. In the brief period of time she lodged with Buki, the two are known to have visited the home of a French lady living in Knightsbridge to demand the return of a box of expensive dresses belonging to Kelly. This information suggests Kelly's descent in...

    By 1886, Kelly was residing at Cooley's Lodging House in Thrawl Street, Spitalfields. On 8 April 1887, she became acquainted with 28-year-old Joseph Barnett, whom she first encountered on Commercial Street. Barnett—who worked as a fish porter at Billingsgate Market—took Kelly for a drink before arranging to meet her the following day.

    In early 1888, Kelly and Barnett moved into 13 Miller's Court, a small, sparsely furnished single room at the back of 26 Dorset Street, Spitalfields. This room had once been the back parlour of 26 Dorset Street and was partitioned by a wooden wall. The weekly rent for this room was 4s 6d. Number 13 Miller's Court was a single twelve-foot square roo...

    Elizabeth Prater, who resided in the room directly above Kelly's and who had been awoken by her kitten walking over her neck, and Sarah Lewis, who had slept at number 2 Miller's Court on 8–9 November, both reported hearing a faint cry of "Murder!" between 3:30 a.m. and 4 a.m., but did not react because they reported that it was common to hear such ...

    The mutilation of Kelly's corpse was by far the most extensive of any of the Whitechapel murders, likely because the murderer had more time to commit his atrocities in a private room, without fear of discovery over an extensive period of time, as opposed to in public areas. The autopsy of Kelly's body took two-and-a-half-hours to complete.[n 11] Th...

    The official inquest into Kelly's death was opened at the Shoreditch Town Hall on Monday 12 November. This inquest was presided over by the coroner for North East Middlesex, Roderick Macdonald, MP. The jury were duly swornbefore being taken by Inspector Abberline to both view Kelly's body at the mortuary adjoining Shoreditch Church and the crime sc...

    • Victim of serial murder
    • c. 1863, County Limerick, Ireland
    • Prostitute
  2. 27 de abr. de 2022 · Mary Jane Kelly, a última vítima de Jack, o Estripador, é considerada uma figura enigmática e tão misteriosa quanto o seu assassino. A jovem foi encontrada morta no dia 9 de novembro de 1888, no entanto, pouco se sabe sobre sua vida. Seu corpo foi achado em um dos quartos na Dorset Street, ao leste de Londres.

  3. 14 de abr. de 2023 · Mary Jane Kelly, generally considered the fifth and final victim of the Victorian serial killer, was found dead on November 9, 1888. But little of Mary Jane Kelly’s life is known — and even then, it is nearly impossible to verify any of it. Even her name was something of a mystery.

    • Kara Goldfarb
  4. 4 de set. de 2023 · Com 25 anos, Mary Jane Kelly foi a vítima mais jovem e misteriosa do Estripador. Kelly dizia ter vindo da Irlanda e de Gales antes de se instalar em Londres. Tinha um pequeno luxo que as outras não tinham: um quarto arrendado com uma cama, que viria a ser o local do seu homicídio.

  5. The 1888 Autumn of Terror You are here: Home / The Whitechapel Murder Victims / Mary Jane Kelly Mary Jane Kelly 437 Shares aka “Mary Jeanette Kelly”, “Ginger”, “Fair Emma”, or “Black Mary” Canonical Victim #5 November 9, 1888; 13 Miller’s Court, Whitechapel

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