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  1. 7 de set. de 2023 · Major-General Lord Charles Wellesley (16 January 1808 – 9 October 1858, Apsley House) was a British politician, soldier and courtier. He was the second son of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, and Catherine Pakenham. He was educated at Eton College, and matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford in 1824, aged 16.

  2. Há 2 dias · Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, KG, GCB, GCH, PC, FRS ( né Wesley; 1 May 1769 – 14 September 1852) was an Anglo-Irish statesman, soldier, and British Tory politician who was one of the leading military and political figures of 19th-century Britain, serving twice as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

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    Há 22 horas · Charles III (Charles Philip Arthur George; born 14 November 1948) is King of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms. [note 1] Charles was born in Buckingham Palace during the reign of his maternal grandfather, King George VI , and was three years old when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II , acceded to the throne in 1952 ...

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    Wellesley was born in 1760 in Dangan Castle in County Meath, Ireland, where his family was part of the Ascendancy, the old Anglo-Irish aristocracy. He was educated at the Royal School, Armagh, Harrow School and Eton College, where he distinguished himself as a classical scholar, and at Christ Church, Oxford. He is one of the few men known to have a...


    Mornington seems to have caught Pitt's large political spirit in the period 1798 to 1805. That both had consciously formed the design of expanding their influence in the Indian subcontinent to compensate for the loss of the American colonies is not proven; but the rivalry with France, which in Europe placed Britain at the head of coalition after coalition against the French, made Mornington aware of the necessity of ensuring French power did not reign supreme in India.


    Both the commercial policy of Wellesley and his educational projects brought him into hostility with the court of directors, and he more than once tendered his resignation, which, however, public necessities led him to postpone till the autumn of 1805. He reached England just in time to see Pitt before his death. He had been created a Peer of Great Britain in 1797 as Baron Wellesley, and in 1799 became Marquess Wellesley in the Peerage of Ireland.[a] He formed an enormous collection of over 2...

    Re-entering Parliament

    After his governorship ended in 1808, he returned to Britain and begun to join British politics yet again. The few years back in Parliament was quite uneventful, despite the overwhelming crisis the British government has faced with the war in Europe and the domination of Europe by Napoleon Bonaparte. The growing French influence threatened Britain and it’s empire to the extent of high tensions in the country. While the crisis abroad wasn’t enough, the British government has been led by weak a...

    Ambassador to Spain

    In 1809, Wellesley was soon appointed as the British ambassador to Spain by Perceval. He landed at Cádiz just after the Allies victory at the Battle of Talavera, and he tried to bring the exiled Spanish government into an effective co-operative agreement to support the campaign against the French in country with his brother, Duke of Wellington who was commander-in-chief of the British Forces, through the failure of his allies failed to cooperate with the Spanish unsuccessfully. Soon the Briti...

    Foreign Secretary

    A few months later, after a dispute between George Canning and Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh led to a duel and soon led to the resignation of both ministers, Perceval offered a new position in the cabinet and Wellesley accepted the post of Foreign Secretary in Spencer Perceval's cabinet. Unlike his brother Arthur, he was an eloquent speaker, but was subject to inexplicable "black-outs" when he was apparently unaware of his surroundings. He held this office until February 1812, when he...

    Wellesley lived together for many years with Hyacinthe-Gabrielle Roland, an actress at the Palais Royal. She had three sons and two daughters with Wellesley before he married her on 29 November 1794. He moved her to London, where Hyacinthe was generally miserable, as she never learned English and she was scorned by high society: Lady Caroline Lamb ...

    Lord Lieutenant of Ireland

    In 1821, he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. Catholic emancipation had now become an open question in the cabinet, and Wellesley's acceptance of the viceroyalty was believed in Ireland to herald the immediate settlement of the Catholic claims but they would remain unfulfilled. Some efforts were made to placate Catholic opinion, notably the dismissal of the long-serving Attorney-General for Ireland, William Saurin, whose anti-Catholic views had made him bitterly unpopular. Lord Liverp...


    On his death, he had no successor in the marquessate, but the earldom of Mornington and minor honours devolved on his brother William, Lord Maryborough, on the failure of whose issue in 1863 they fell to the 2nd Duke of Wellington. He and Arthur, after a long estrangement, had been once more on friendly terms for some years: Arthur wept at the funeral and said that he knew of no honour greater than being Lord Wellesley's brother. Wellesley was buried in Eton College Chapel, at his old school....

    The Township of Wellesley, in Ontario, Canada, was named in Richard Wellesley's honour, despite the many references (e.g.: Waterloo, Wellington County) to his brother, Arthur Wellesley in the surrounding area, as was Wellesley Island, located in the St. Lawrence river at Alexandria Bay. Wellesley Island also serves as the last point exiting the Uni...

    This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). "Wellesley, Richard Colley Wesley, Marquess". Encyclopædia Britannica(11th ed.). Cambridge Un...

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  4. Há 2 dias · He is the eldest child of Queen Elizabeth IIand Prince Philip, duke of Edinburgh. After being the longest-serving monarch-in-waiting in British history, Charles ascendedthe throne at age 73, with the death of his mother in September 2022. He was crowned in the first coronation in seven decades on May 6, 2023.

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  5. 29 de dez. de 2022 · Wellesley was appointed a wing commander in the RFC, with the temporary rank of lieutenant colonel, on 1 October 1917. [10] He gained the rank of squadron leader in 1939 in the service of the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR). He fought in the Second World War between 1939 and 1945. He was decorated with the Royal Humane Society Medal.