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  1. Lettice Knollys (/ ˈ n oʊ l z / NOHLZ, sometimes latinized as Laetitia, alias Lettice Devereux or Lettice Dudley), Countess of Essex and Countess of Leicester (8 November 1543 – 25 December 1634), was an English noblewoman and mother to the courtiers Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, and Lady Penelope Rich.

  2. Lettice Knollys, também conhecida como Lettice Devereux, Lettice Dudley ou Laetitia ( Rotherfield Greys, 8 de novembro de 1543 — Drayton Bassett, 25 de dezembro de 1634), foi uma nobre inglesa.

  3. Lettice Knollys ( /ˈnoʊlz/), pe Laetitia, pe Lettice Devereux, pe Lettice Dudley, pe Kontez Essex pe Kontez Leicester (1543–1634), a oa ur gontez saoz, e lez ar rouanez saoz Elesbed Iañ. Dimezet e oa da Robert Dudley, Kont Leicester , Kont Leicester, bet karet gant ar rouanez, a vagas kasoni vras outi.

  4. 5 de mai. de 2018 · Lettice Knollys, the Great Survivor. Henry VIII’s granddaughter survived numerous scandals, family tragedy and seven monarchs. Joanne Paul | Published in History Today Volume 68 Issue 5 May 2018. Portrait of Lettice Knollys c.1541-1634) by Sarah Essex, c.1825.

  5. Lettice Knollys was born on 8 November 1543 at Rotherfield Greys in Oxfordshire. She was the eldest of sixteen children born to Sir Francis Knollys and his wife, Katherine Carey. Lettice’s mother was the daughter of Mary Boleyn, meaning that Lettice was the great niece of Anne Boleyn.

  6. 9 de fev. de 2022 · When Lettice Knollys, Countess of Leicester, married Robert Dudley in 1578 without telling Elizabeth I, sparks flew in the Palace of Whitehall. Here, Nicola Tallis tells the story of the love triangle between the three Tudors

  7. Lattice Knollys. LETTICE KNOLLYS, COUNTESS OF ESSEX AND LEICESTER. BORN: c. 1541. DIED: 1634. Lettice Knollys, attributed to Gower. In the collection of the Marquess of Bath, at Longleat House. Mother of Robert Devereux by her first husband, Walter. Second wife to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester.