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  1. The Latin script is the most widely used alphabetic writing system in the world. It is the standard script of the English language and is often referred to simply as "the alphabet" in English. It is a true alphabet which originated in the 7th century BC in Italy and has changed continually over the last 2,500 years.

  2. The Latin script was introduced to Scandinavia in the 9th century, first in Denmark. It reached Norway during the 11th-century Christianisation, but in two different forms: the Anglo-Saxon Insular script in Western Norway and the Carolingian minuscule in Eastern Norway.

  3. Gaj's Latin alphabet, is the only script of the Croatian and Bosnian standard languages in current use, and one of the two scripts of the Serbian standard language. Hawaiian alphabet; Initial Teaching Alphabet; International Phonetic Alphabet; Łatynka for Ukrainian; Leet (1337 alphabet) Romanization schemes; Romani alphabet for most ...

  4. Latin or Roman script, is a writing system used to write many modern-day languages. It is the most used writing system in the world today. It is the official script for nearly all the languages of Western Europe and of some Eastern European languages.

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    Occasionally, Latin has been written in other scripts: The Praeneste fibula is a 7th-century BC pin with an Old Latin inscription written using the Etruscan script. The rear panel of the early 8th-century Franks Casket has an inscription that switches from Old English in Anglo-Saxon runes to Latin in Latin script and to Latin in runes. Grammar

  6. A Latin-script alphabet (Latin alphabet or Roman alphabet) is an alphabet that uses letters of the Latin script. The 21-letter archaic Latin alphabet and the 23-letter classical Latin alphabet belong to the oldest of this group. The 26-letter modern Latin alphabet is the newest of this group.

  7. This is a list of letters of the Latin script . Latin Extended Letters [ change | change source] Letters with diacritics [ change | change source] References [ change | change source] ↑ So defined in ISO/IEC 646 (based on ASCII) which was based on the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet and previous telecommunication standards