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  1. Kent ou, raramente, Câncio[ 1] é um condado situado no sudeste da Inglaterra, próximo de Londres, com capital em Maidstone. Kent é denominada The Garden of England, pela sua beleza exuberante.

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    Dover. Kent is a county in the South East England region, the closest county to continental Europe. It borders Essex across the entire estuary of the River Thames to the north; the French department of Pas-de-Calais across the Strait of Dover to the south-east; East Sussex to the south-west; Surrey to the west and Greater London to the north-west.

  3. Early Medieval Kent. Kent in the 4th century shown on the Peutinger Map. Following the withdrawal of the Romans, a large-scale immigration of Germanic peoples occurred in Kent. [6] These groups introduced the Old English language to Britain.

  4. Kent is a county in England. It is just to the south-east of London and is on the coast. The sea to the East of Kent is the North Sea. The sea south of Kent is the English Channel. France is opposite Kent on the other side of The Channel.

  5. O Reino de Kent, ou, na sua forma portuguesa, de Câncio, [ 1] foi um Estado dos jutos no sudeste da Inglaterra, um dos sete reinos tradicionais da chamada Heptarquia anglo-saxã, que perdurou de 455 a 871 da era Cristã . As origens do reino são completamente obscuras, já que, devido a sua posição geográfica, recebeu algumas ...

  6. Geography of Kent. Geological cross section of Kent, showing how it relates to major towns. Kent is the south-easternmost county in England. It is bounded on the north by the River Thames and the North Sea, and on the south by the Straits of Dover and the English Channel. The continent of Europe is 21 miles across the straits.

  7. The Kingdom of the Kentish ( Old English: Cantwara rīce; Latin: Regnum Cantuariorum ), today referred to as the Kingdom of Kent, was an early medieval kingdom in what is now South East England. It existed from either the fifth or the sixth century AD until it was fully absorbed into the Kingdom of Wessex in the late 9th century and later into ...

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