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  1. 31 de mai. de 2017 · John Robinson, one of the most powerful political leaders in colonial Virginia, served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses and treasurer from 1738 to 1766. His death revealed mismanagement of funds and led to a significant political crisis.

  2. John Robinson, Jr. (February 3, 1705 – May 11, 1766) was an American politician and landowner in the colony of Virginia. Robinson served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses from 1738 until his death, the longest tenure in the history of that office.

  3. John Robinson, Jr. (1705-1766) was the most skillful and powerful Virginia-born political leader of the colonial period. He served as Speaker of the House of Burgesses and treasurer of the colony from 1738 to 1766. A master of parliamentary procedure and a dominating personality, he presided over the House of Burgesses during the period it ...

  4. Bio: JOHN ROBINSON, JR., was Speaker of the House of Burgesses at seven assemblies, between 1737 and 1765. He had represented King and Queen County in the assembly of 1728-1734, and was reelected to the assembly of 17 36-1740, at which he was elected Speaker following the death of Sir John Randolph in 1737. Speaker Robinson represented King and ...

  5. 20 de jun. de 2023 · SUMMARY. John Robinson was a member of the Convention of 1867–1868 and of the Senate of Virginia. Born free in Cumberland County Robinson achieved some measure of prosperity before and during the American Civil War (1861–1865), but he moved to Amelia County in 1864 after mobs attacked him twice.

  6. John Robinson. Born February 3, 1704 in Virginia; Education: attended the grammar school at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia; Occupation: planter; Positions held: Delegate, Virginia House of Burgesses, 1736 – 1738; Speaker of Virginia House of Burgesses, 1738 – 1766; Treasurer, Virginia Colony, 1738 – 1766

  7. John Robinson (1705–1766) Primary Sources. Birth date and first marriage recorded in Parish Register of Christ Church, Middlesex County, Va., from 1653 to 1812 (1897), 64 (with old style year of 1704), 164. Gravestone inscription printed in William Meade, Old Churches, Ministers and Families of Virginia (1861 ed.), 1:378.