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  1. 1625–1627. Rank. Lieutenant. Battles/wars. Anglo-Spanish War. Cádiz expedition. Anglo-French War. Siege of St. Martin's. John Felton ( c. 1595 – 29 November 1628) was a lieutenant in the English Army who stabbed George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham, to death in the Greyhound Pub in Portsmouth on 23 August 1628.

    • Murder
    • Soldier
    • Executed by hanging
  2. John Felton ( Irlanda, c. 1595 - 29 de novembro de 1628) foi um puritano irlandês reconhecido como assassino de George Villiers, 1.° Duque de Buckingham . Biografia. Tenente do exército inglês enviado em auxílio ao sitiados no Cerco de La Rochelle em 1628, ele assassina o Duque de Buckingham no momento em que a frota ia partir da Inglaterra.

  3. Sinopse. O agente imobiliário John Felton (Luke Wilson) acaba de ser demitido e está com sérios problemas no seu casamento. No dia do seu aniversário, ele ajuda um estranho (Samuel L. Jackson)...

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    • Chris Fisher
    • Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, Leslie Bibb
  4. Abstract. The chapter explores the legal, political, and literary contexts of the possible torture of John Felton, the 1628 assassin of the royal favourite George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham.

  5. The assassin was John Felton, an army officer who had been wounded in the earlier military adventure and believed he had been passed over for promotion by Buckingham. Such was the duke's unpopularity by this time that Felton was widely acclaimed as a hero by the public.

  6. The poems celebrate Felton as Buckingham’s perfect antithesis: as a patriot hero, the nation’s martyr, the epitome of martial manliness and self-sacrifice, the heir of the divinely inspired Israelite assassins and of the republican patriots of ancient Rome, the man whose bravery had liberated king and nation from Buckingham’s perverted rule.

  7. This article analyses the motivation behind John Felton's assassination of the duke of Buckingham in August 1628. It focuses attention on his family's tortured relationship with the regime, and it highlights Felton's military service in Spain, Ireland, and France.