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  1. Há 3 dias · Maximilian's rule (1493–1519) was a time of dramatic expansion for the Habsburgs. In 1497, Maximilian's son Philip, known as the Handsome or the Fair, married Joanna of Castile, also known as Joanna the Mad, heiress of Castile and Aragon.

  2. Há 3 dias · Ferdinand was born in 1503 in Alcalá de Henares, Castile, the second son of Philip I of Castile and Joanna of Castile. He shared the same name, birthday (March 10th), culture and customs with his maternal grandfather, Ferdinand II of Aragon and became the latter’s favorite grandchild, their own mothers also had the same name ...

  3. Há 4 dias · Charles’s story began on February 24, 1500, at the Prinsenhof Palace in Ghent when he was born as the son of Philip the Fair, ruler of the Habsburg Netherlands and Joanna of Castile, daughter of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon.

  4. Há 1 dia · Charles was born in Flandersto Habsburg Archduke Philip the Handsome, son of Emperor Maximilian Iand Mary of Burgundy, and Joanna of Castile, younger child of Isabella I of Castileand Ferdinand II of Aragon, the Catholic Monarchs of Spain. Heir of his grandparents, Charles inherited his family dominions at a young age.

  5. Há 4 dias · His armies conquered Milan (northern Italy) and reduced most of the still-independent Italian states to Spanish satellites. An increasing part of the burden of these wars fell on Spain and especially on Castile.

  6. Há 4 dias · Castile soap (pron. ka-ˈstēl) is an effective and versatile cleaner made from vegetable oils. It originated in the Castile region of Spain, where olive oil was combined with sodium carbonate to...

  7. Há 3 dias · She was the daughter of King Henry II of Castile and his wife, Juana Manuel of Castile, from a cadet branch of the Castilian royal house. She married King Charles III of Navarre.