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  1. Roman Catholicism. James Francis Edward Stuart (10 June 1688 – 1 January 1766), nicknamed the Old Pretender by Whigs, was the son of King James VII and II of England, Scotland and Ireland, and his second wife, Mary of Modena. He was Prince of Wales from July 1688 until, just months after his birth, his Catholic father was deposed ...

  2. Jaime Francisco Eduardo Stuart ( Londres, 10 de junho de 1688 — Roma, 1 de janeiro de 1766 ), um católico, foi pretendente aos tronos da Escócia e de Inglaterra conhecido geralmente como "O Velho Pretendente". Era filho do monarca deposto James II de Inglaterra, um católico romano e de sua segunda esposa Maria de Módena.

  3. James Francis Edward Stuart (1688–1766) ("James III & VIII") ("The Old Pretender") 16 September 1701 – 1 January 1766: Upon James II & VII's death in 1701, James, called the Old Pretender by his detractors, as James II/VII's only surviving legitimate son, inherited his father's claim. Charles Edward Stuart (1720–1788)

  4. Learn about the life and claims of James Francis Edward Stuart, the last Stuart king of England, Scotland, and Ireland, who ruled from 1715 to 1766. Find out how he was born, exiled, and died, and how he tried to restore the Catholic succession to the British throne.

  5. James Francis Edward Stuart, the 'Old Pretender,' or 'Chevalier de St George' portrait from 1748. The 1688 Glorious Revolution replaced the Catholic James II with his Protestant daughter Mary and her Dutch husband William, who ruled as joint monarchs of England, Ireland and Scotland.

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  6. James Edward, the Old Pretender, son of the deposed Roman Catholic monarch James II of England and claimant to the English and Scottish thrones. Styled James III of England and James VIII of Scotland by his supporters, he made several halfhearted efforts to gain his crown.