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  1. Politician, soldier. Henry Cromwell (20 January 1628 – 23 March 1674) was the fourth son of Oliver Cromwell and Elizabeth Bourchier, and an important figure in the Parliamentarian regime in Ireland . A lane named after Cromwell in Dublin 8.

  2. Henry Cromwell was the eldest son of Gregory Cromwell, 1st baron Cromwell, only son and heir of Thomas Cromwell, and Elizabeth, widow of Sir Anthony Ughtred (d. 1534), daughter of Sir John Seymour of Wolf Hall, Wiltshire, and Margery Wentworth. He was baptised on 1 March 1538, probably at Hampton Court, where the Lady Mary almost certainly ...

  3. Henry Cromwell, (born January 20, 1628, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England—died March 23, 1674, Spinney Abbey, Cambridgeshire), fourth son of Oliver Cromwell and British ruler of Ireland from 1657 to 1659.

  4. Walter Cromwell, Katherine Meverell. Thomas Cromwell ( / ˈkrɒmwəl, - wɛl /; [1] [a] c. 1485 – 28 July 1540), briefly Earl of Essex, was an English statesman and lawyer who served as chief minister to King Henry VIII from 1534 to 1540, when he was beheaded on orders of the king, who later blamed false charges for the execution.

  5. Cromwell foi o mais proeminente dos que aconselharam Henrique VIII para que fizesse por si só a Igreja Inglesa, e fez aprovar as Leis de Supremacia, de 1534, pelo Parlamento. Em 1535, Henrique VIII apontou Cromwell como seu último " Legatário Espíritual".

  6. Sir Henry Williams, alias Cromwell (1537 – 1604) 1st m. Joan Warren (died 1584); 2nd m. Susan Weeks (died 1592) (1) Sir Oliver Cromwell (ca. 1562 – 1655) 1st m. Elizabeth Bromley (died before 1601); 2nd m. Anne Hooftman (1565–1624) (1) Elizabeth Cromwell (died 1666) 1st m. Henry Neale; 2nd m. Sir Richard Ingoldsby (died 1635)

  7. Oliver Cromwell (Huntingdon, 25 de abril de 1599 – Palácio de Whitehall, 3 de setembro de 1658), foi um militar e líder político inglês e, mais tarde, Lorde Protetor. Nascido no seio da nobreza rural , os primeiros quarenta anos da sua vida são pouco conhecidos.