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  1. Henry Cromwell (20 January 1628 – 23 March 1674) was the fourth son of Oliver Cromwell and Elizabeth Bourchier, and an important figure in the Parliamentarian regime in Ireland . A lane named after Cromwell in Dublin 8.

  2. Henry Cromwell (born January 20, 1628, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England—died March 23, 1674, Spinney Abbey, Cambridgeshire) was the fourth son of Oliver Cromwell and the British ruler of Ireland from 1657 to 1659.

  3. Henry Cromwell, 2nd Baron Cromwell (before 1 March 1538 – 20 November 1592), the son of Gregory Cromwell, 1st Baron Cromwell and Elizabeth Seymour, was an English peer during the reign of Elizabeth I.

  4. Cromwell foi o mais proeminente dos que aconselharam Henrique VIII para que fizesse por si só a Igreja Inglesa, e fez aprovar as Leis de Supremacia, de 1534, pelo Parlamento. Em 1535, Henrique VIII apontou Cromwell como seu último " Legatário Espíritual".

  5. Early Life. Oliver Cromwell was descended from a junior branch of the Cromwell family, distantly related from (as great, great grand-uncle) Thomas Cromwell, chief minister to King Henry VIII. Thomas Cromwell’s sister Katherine had married a Welsh lawyer, Morgan Williams.

  6. Captain of horse at 19, he rose to command his own cavalry regiment in his father's expeditionary force to Ireland in 1650. He stayed on there ... From: Cromwell, Henry in The Oxford Companion to British History ». Subjects: History — Regional and National History.

  7. Cromwell, Henry (1628–74), soldier and administrator, was born 20 January 1628 at Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England, fourth son of Oliver Cromwell (qv) and Elizabeth Cromwell (née Bourchier). He fought only in the closing stages of the English civil wars.