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  1. AISL Harrow哈罗学校以英国哈罗公学450年的优良传统为准则,并以哈罗百年传承的四大价值理念作为每一所成员学校的教育核心,哈罗教育先后于曼谷、北京、香港、上海、深圳和海口创立哈罗英式双语国际学校,已于亚洲深耕超过20年,为此地区K-12世界级国际教育的先行者。

  2. ハロウ安比校は、本校である英国ハロウスクールさながらの英国式全寮制教育が受けられる学校です。. 数あるハロウインターナショナルスクールの中でも唯一、全寮制の環境で学べる学校となっています。. 450年以上にも渡るハロウスクールの歴史と伝統を ...

  3. Founded on AISL Harrow’s customised pedagogy which is research informed and specially designed for Chinese students. A through-train EY to High School educational offering that comprises the Little Lions Curriculum, the Harrow LiDe Curriculum (referencing CNC) and the High School Curriculum that promotes entry to the world’s leading universities.

  4. The school includes many famous former pupils among its alumni. Former Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill was among them, although he was by no means the only PM to go there. Six other British PMs also attended the school. We can also thank a former pupil of Harrow School for the invention of the postbox.

  5. Harrow School, educational institution for boys in Harrow, London. It is one of the foremost public (i.e., independent) schools of England and one of the most prestigious. Generally between 700 and 800 students reside and study there. Its founder, John Lyon (d. 1592), was a yeoman of neighbouring.

  6. ハロウ・スクール ( 英: Harrow School ハーロー・スクール)は、 イギリス ・ ロンドン の ハロウ区 ・ ハロウ・オン・ザ・ヒル ( 英語版 ) にある、男子 全寮制 パブリックスクール である。. 「The Nine(ザ・ナイン)」と俗称される歴史・伝統のある厳格な ...

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    Our Super-Curriculum stretches boys beyond the (I)GCSE and A-level syllabuses, through activities that support learning above the measurable outcomes of examination results. Around 20% of our beaks (teachers) have doctorates and many undertake their own writing and research. Academic - Harrow School was founded in 1572 under a Royal Charter ...