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  1. Georg Friedrich Karl Freiherr von Hertling, from 1914 Count von Hertling, (31 August 1843 – 4 January 1919) was a German politician of the Catholic Centre Party. He was foreign minister and minister president of Bavaria , then chancellor of the German Reich and minister president of Prussia from 1 November 1917 to 30 September 1918.

  2. Georg von Hertling, posteriormente Georg Graf von Hertling [1] (antes de 1914: barão von Hertling) (Darmestádio, 31 de agosto de 1843 — Ruhpolding, 4 de janeiro de 1919), foi um nobre e político alemão. [2] Ocupou o cargo de Reichskanzler (Chanceler do Império Alemão) de 1 de novembro de 1917 até 30 de setembro de 1918. [2]

  3. Georg Friedrich Karl Freiherr von Hertling, ab 1914 Graf von Hertling (* 31. August 1843 in Darmstadt; † 4. Januar 1919 in Ruhpolding, Oberbayern ), war ein deutscher Politiker der Zentrumspartei. Unter anderen war er in Bayern Außenminister und Ministerpräsident. Während des Ersten Weltkrieges war Hertling danach vom 1.

  4. 12 de mar. de 2024 · Georg, count von Hertling was a conservative German statesman and philosopher who became imperial chancellor during the last year of World War I but was little more than a caretaker for the military, which actually controlled the country. A devout Catholic scholar, Hertling exercised considerable.

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  5. Georg von Hertling was the chancellor of Germany from 1 November 1917 to 3 October 1918. Table of Contents. 1 Early Career. 2 The Political Situation before Hertling’s Takeover as Chancellor. 3 Chancellorship and Failure to Achieve Peace. 4 Hertling’s resistance to democratic reforms. Selected Bibliography. Citation. Early Career ↑.

  6. Sponsored Links. Born on 31 August 1843 in Darmstadt, Hertling was a prominent conservative politician and philosopher, and was leader of the conservative wing of the Catholic Centre Party in the Reichstag (having entered the Reichstag in 1875) while serving as Bavarian Prime Minister from 1912-17.

  7. Georg Friedrich Graf von Hertling (31 August 1843 – 4 January 1919) was German Bavarian politician. He served as Minister-President of Bavaria 1912–1917 and then as Minister-President of Prussia and Chancellor of the German Empire from 1917 to 1918 under Kaiser Wilhelm II during World War 1 until in 1918 when became the Weimar Republic .