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  1. Garret Colley Wesley, 1st Earl of Mornington (19 July 1735 – 22 May 1781) was an Anglo-Irish politician and composer, as well as the father of several distinguished military commanders and politicians of Great Britain and Ireland.

  2. Garreth Weasley. Biographical information. Born. Between 1 September 1874 and 31 August 1875 [1] Blood status. Pure-blood (most likely) [2] Nationality. British or Irish [3] Physical information. Species. Human [4] Gender. Male [4] Hair colour. Red [5] Eye colour. Green [5] Skin colour. Light [5] Relationship information. Family members.

  3. Garret Colley Wesley, 1.º Conde de Mornington (19 de julho de 1735 – 22 de maio de 1781), foi um político e compositor irlandês. Biografia [ editar | editar código-fonte ] Wesley nasceu na propriedade da família em Dangan, perto de Summerhill , uma aldeia perto de Trim , no Condado de Meath , na Irlanda, filho de Richard Wesley, 1.º ...

  4. Garreth Weasley. Matilda Weasley. Septimus Weasley. Cedrella Weasley (nascida Black)) Arthur Weasley (filho de Septimus e Cedrella Weasley) Molly Weasley (nascida Prewett) Guilherme Weasley (filho mais velho de Arthur e Molly Weasley) Adaline Weasley (filha mais velha de Arthur e Molly Weasley) Carlos Weasley (filho de Arthur e Molly Weasley)

  5. 14 de fev. de 2023 · Garreth Weasley is a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry . He is a young wizard who was sorted into House Gryffindor. Garreth is the nephew of Professor Matilda Weasley, one of the head members of faculty at Hogwarts .

  6. Garret Colley Wesley, 1 r Senhor Mornington (19 de julho de 1735 - 22 de maio de 1781) É um político e compositor anglo-irlandês, mais conhecido hoje como o pai de vários líderes militares e políticos britânicos.

  7. It was created in 1760 for the Anglo-Irish politician and composer Garret Wellesley, 2nd Baron Mornington. On the death of the fifth earl in 1863, it passed to the Duke of Wellington; since that date, the title has generally been used by courtesy for the heir apparent to the heir apparent to the dukedom. History.