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  1. Há 2 dias · Thomas Cromwell (/ ˈ k r ɒ m w əl,-w ɛ l /; c. 1485 – 28 July 1540), briefly Earl of Essex, was an English statesman and lawyer who served as chief minister to King Henry VIII from 1534 to 1540, when he was beheaded on orders of the king, who later blamed false charges for the execution.

  2. Há 3 dias · Em Monsieur Spade, Clive Owen é a personagem clássica de Dashiell Hammett a viver no Sul de França. Já em Sugar, Colin Farrell é um estranho detective cinéfilo em Los Angeles.

  3. Há 2 dias · Home. The Cromwell Association Online Directory of Parliamentarian Army Officers. Compiled by Tim Wales. This resource contains the names of over 4,000 officers who served in the armies of Parliament during the first English civil war (1642-6), and in some cases subsequently.

  4. Há 5 dias · She served as Mary's proxy when Mary was godmother to one of the children of Lord William Howard. In mid-July 1533, Thomas Cromwell wrote to Lord Hussey, Chamberlain of Mary's household, ordering him to have Mary’s jewels and plate inventoried and placed in the custody of Frances Aylmer. This did not happen.

  5. Há 2 dias · The film competition Grand Prize was awarded to French director Hugo Clouzeau for his film, Nuptse: Touching the Intangible. The film follows climbers Hélias Millerioux, Frédéric Degoulet and Benjamin Guigonnet who are dreaming of opening a new extreme route on the legendary south face of Nuptse, a wall approaching 8000m in the heart of the Himalayas.

  6. Há 5 dias · Key Takeaways: Oliver Cromwell was a powerful leader who played a key role in the English Civil War and the execution of King Charles I, shaping the course of English history. Cromwells legacy is controversial, with some seeing him as a hero and others condemning his authoritarian rule and brutal conquest of Ireland. Table of Contents.

  7. Há 2 dias · Agnès Jaoui e Jean-Pierre Bacri constituíram um dos mais belos pares do cinema francês e quando nos ofereceram “Au bout du conte” / “E viveram Felizes Para Sempre”, que marcava o seu regresso à cidade de Paris, revelavam mais uma vez uma perfeita noção de “mise en scéne” como lhe chamava François Truffaut, ao mesmo tempo que a música mais uma vez surgia como protagonista ...