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  1. Edward Lee Victor Howard (27 October 1951 – 12 July 2002) was a CIA case officer who defected to the Soviet Union.

  2. O duque actual é Edward Fitzalan-Howard, que herdou o título pela morte do pai, Miles Francis Stapleton, em 2002. A residência oficial do Duque de Norfolk é o Castelo de Arundel , em Sussex , muito embora o título se refira ao condado de Norfolk .

  3. 13 de out. de 2008 · 13 outubro, 2008 Renato Saboya. Baseando-se em grande parte na observação das péssimas condições de vida da cidade liberal, Ebenezer Howard, em livro publicado originalmente em 1898, propôs uma alternativa aos problemas urbanos e rurais que então se apresentavam. O livro “To-morrow” (chamado “Garden-cities of To-morrow” na ...

  4. 23 de jul. de 2002 · Edward Lee Howard, the former C.I.A. agent who defected to the Soviet Union in the mid-1980's after a disappearing act in the New Mexico desert, has died. He was 50.

  5. Sir Edward Howard, KG (1476/1477 – 25 April 1513) was an English naval officer. He was the first of the Howards to win fame as an admiral, participating in his first naval battle while in his teens. He was in command during the Battle of Saint-Mathieu, which may have been the first sea battle fought by ships with cannons deployed ...

  6. Edward Lee Howard was the first CIA officer to defect to the USSR. Edward Lee Howard: CIA spy or KGB mole?‍ Howard was 28 when he applied to join the CIA. On paper, he had the ‘right stuff’. His father was an Air Force electronics specialist from New Mexico who worked on guided missiles in Europe.

  7. 21 de jul. de 2002 · Edward Lee Howard, the former CIA case officer who escaped to Moscow in September 1985 after coming under suspicion as a spy for the Soviet Union, died there July 12, according to a family friend.

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