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  1. Edmund Beaufort (c. 1438 – 6 de maio de 1471), foi um nobre inglês e comandante militar durante a Guerra das Rosas, onde apoiou o rei Henrique VI.

  2. Edmund Beaufort (c. 1438 – 6 May 1471), styled 4th Duke of Somerset, 6th Earl of Somerset, 3rd Marquess of Dorset, 3rd Earl of Dorset, was an English nobleman, and a military commander during the Wars of the Roses, in which he supported the Lancastrian king Henry VI.

  3. Há 5 dias · He was a member of the Beaufort family, which in the 1430s obtained control—with William de la Pole, duke of Suffolk—of the government of the weak king Henry VI (ruled 1422–61 and 147071). He was created earl of Dorset in 1441 and inherited the earldom of Somerset from his brother in 1444.

  4. Edmundo Beaufort, 2.º Duque de Somerset (1406 - 22 de Maio de 1455), por vezes referido como 1.º Duque de Somerset, foi um nobre Inglês e uma figura importante na Guerra das Rosas e na Guerra dos Cem Anos.

  5. Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset (1439 – 6 May 1471), who succeeded his elder brother. He was executed two days after being defeated in the Battle of Tewkesbury , in which he commanded the van of the Lancastrian army, and was buried in Tewkesbury Abbey .

  6. Edmund Beaufort, fourth duke of Somerset (1439-1471) was a key Lancastrian leader during their period in exile after Edward IV's victory in the first phase of the Wars of the Roses, and was executed after defeat at the battle of Tewkesbury had ended the short-lived Lancastrian revival of 1470-71.

  7. Somerset visited his cousin Margaret Beaufort, Countess of Richmond (mother of Henry Tudor) at Woking on March 3, 1471, when Margaret ordered salmon, eel, and trench for him to dine upon. When Edward IV returned to England later that month, Somerset began raising troops on Henry VI’s behalf.