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  1. Há 5 dias · de jure. de futuro: concerning the future At a future date. de integro: concerning the whole Often used to mean "start it all over", in the context of "repeat de integro". de jure: according to law Literally "from law"; something that is established in law, whether or not it is true in general practice. Cf. de facto. de lege ferenda: of the law ...

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    Há 3 dias · Politics portal v t e Democracy (from Ancient Greek: δημοκρατία, romanized : dēmokratía, dēmos 'people' and kratos 'rule' [1]) is a form of government in which the people have the authority to deliberate and decide legislation ("direct democracy"), or to choose governing officials to do so ("representative democracy").

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    Há 3 dias · Seit dem 16. Jahrhundert stand Japan im Kontakt mit dem Westen und stieg seit dem 19. Jahrhundert zur Großmacht auf, erwarb Kolonien wie Korea und Taiwan, nahm an beiden Weltkriegen teil und beherrschte kurzzeitig große Teile Südost- und Ostasiens.

  4. 26 de mai. de 2023 · Summary De Facto vs De Jure The difference between De Facto and De Jure is that, because the De Facto scenario emerges as a result of a true situation, it is not legalised. However, on the contrary, De Jure is recognised only after all legal formats have been processed.

  5. 28 de mai. de 2023 · Fact Checked What does "De Jure" Mean? Mary McMahon Last Modified Date: April 19, 2023 The phrase “de jure” means “in law” in Latin. It refers to a policy or standard which has been established by law, in contrast with something which is “ de facto ,” or “in fact.”

  6. Há 1 dia · 1 Amtierende Staatsoberhäupter 1.1 Mit einer Amtszeit von mehr als 25 Jahren 1.2 Mit einer Amtszeit von zehn bis 25 Jahren 1.3 Mit einer Amtszeit von fünf bis zehn Jahren 1.4 Mit einer Amtszeit von weniger als fünf Jahren 1.5 Interimsstaatsoberhäupter 2 Sonderfälle 2.1 De-facto-Staatsoberhäupter 2.2 Verstorbene als Staatsoberhäupter

  7. Há 2 dias · The Taiwan independence movement is a political movement which advocates the formal declaration of an independent and sovereign Taiwanese state, as opposed to Chinese unification or the status quo in Cross-Strait relations . Currently, Taiwan's political status is ambiguous.

  8. 31 de mai. de 2023 · De facto (defapt) caracterizeaza recunoasterea incompleta de catre un stat a unui alt stat sau guvern, care nu atrage stabilirea de relatii diplomatice si are un caracter provizoriu.De iure (de drept), spre deosebire de de facto, inseamna recunoasterea deplina de catre un stat a unui alt stat sau guvern.

  9. 27 de mai. de 2023 · Analysis of the Assets, Credits and Deposits Concentration within the Croatian Banking System based on Selected Concentration Indices pp. 131-150. Mihovil Anđelinović, Mihaela Milec and Ksenija Dumicic. Determinants of De Jure – De Facto Exchange Rate Regime Gaps pp. 151-177.

  10. Há 2 dias · Dealul Bălănești UKRAINE UKRAINE RUMÄNIEN SCHWARZES MEER Die Republik Moldau (kurz Moldau; in der Schweiz amtlich Republik Moldova bzw. kurz Moldova; auch Moldawien genannt; rumänisch Republica Moldova bzw. kurz Moldova) ist ein Binnenstaat in Südosteuropa. Sie grenzt im Westen an den EU-Mitgliedstaat Rumänien.

  11. 30 de mai. de 2023 · - ação executiva para prestação de facto. A esmagadora maioria das ações executivas intentadas nos Tribunais são ações executivas para pagamento de quantia certa. Ora, através desta ação, o credor exequente, pretende obter o cumprimento coercivo de uma obrigação pecuniária, ou seja, o pagamento de um determinado valor em dinheiro.

  12. 31 de mai. de 2023 · National Humanities Center Fellow ©National Humanities Center Racial segregation was a system derived from the efforts of white Americans to keep African Americans in a subordinate status by denying them equal access to public facilities and ensuring that blacks lived apart from whites.

  13. Há 1 dia · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Religion in Indonesia (2018) [1] Islam (86.7%) Christianity (10.7%) Hinduism (1.74%) Buddhism (0.77%) Folk/Other (0.05%) Confucianism (0.03%) Map showing the dominant religious group in each province of Indonesia. Several different religions are practised in Indonesia .