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  1. The Capital District, also known as the Capital Region, is the metropolitan area surrounding Albany, the capital of the U.S. state of New York. The Capital District was first settled by the Dutch in the early 17th century and came under English control in 1664.

  2. Washington, D.C. (pronunciado em inglês: [ˈwɒʃɪŋtən diː siː, ˈwɔːʃɪŋtən diː siː] (escutar ⓘ)) é a capital e o distrito federal dos Estados Unidos. D.C. é a abreviatura de Distrito de Colúmbia (District of Columbia), onde a cidade está localizada.

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    The Buenos Aires city, previously in the Federal District of Argentina. In 1996, under the 1994 reform of the Argentine Constitution, the city gained autonomous city status, and changed its formal name to Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and held its first mayoral elections. Buenos Aires is represented in the Argentine Senate by three senators and ...

    The Australian Capital Territory is one of two self-governing internal territories of the Commonwealth of Australia, the other being the Northern Territory. Created in 1911, the ACT was originally called the Federal Capital Territory, the current name being acquired in 1938. The ACT was constituted specifically to house the seat of government, the ...

    Brasília, the capital of Brazil, is set within the Federal District. Its territory includes several other cities, officially called administrative regions, since the Federal District cannot be divided into municipalities in the same manner as the states of Brazil. The Federal District is a special unit of the federation, as it is not organized the ...

    In Colombia the Capital District, containing the city of Bogotá was created as a special district in 1955 by Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. The district is made up of 20 localities.

    In Dominican Republic the National District, containing the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmanwas created as a special district in 1922.

    The National Capital Territory is a special union territory of India. The territory encompasses three statutory towns: New Delhi (the capital of India), Delhi and Delhi Cantonment, along with 59 census towns and 165 villages. The NCT was set up as a federally administered Union Territory on 11 November 1956. In December 1991, the NCT was given a le...

    In Indonesia, the national capital Jakarta is within the Daerah Khusus Jakarta (Special Region of Jakarta). Jakarta is considered one of Indonesia's provinces, therefore Jakarta is headed by a governor and not a mayor. However, Jakarta is divided into 5 smaller "administrative cities" (kota administrasi) and one "administrative regency" (kabupaten ...

    As per Article 154 of the Federal Constitution, the national capital of Malaysia was set in Kuala Lumpur, then part of the state of Selangor. In Malaysia, the national capital of Kuala Lumpur lies within the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur (since 1974) while the federal government administrative centre of Putrajaya, 40 km (25 mi) to the south of ...

    The Federal District was, since 1824, a federal territory that served as the seat of the capital of Mexico, Mexico City, which was directly administered, until 1997, by the federal government via a presidential-appointed head of government. The Federal District encompassed the historical municipality of Mexico City (abolished in 1928) and other ter...

    Niger's capital, Niamey, comprises a capital district of Niger. It is surrounded by the Tillabéri Department.

  3. Em seu território, está localizada a capital federal do Brasil, Brasília, que é também a sede de governo do Distrito Federal. O Distrito Federal é praticamente um enclave no estado de Goiás, não fosse a pequena divisa de pouco mais de dois quilômetros de extensão com o estado de Minas Gerais, marcada pela passagem da ...

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  4. Capital District most commonly refers to the Capital District of New York, the metropolitan area surrounding Albany, the capital city of New York State. It may also refer to: Capital districts and territories, specially designated administrative divisions; Capital region, a region or district surrounding a capital city

  5. Do. Buy. Eat. Drink. Go next. For other places with the same name, see Capital Region (disambiguation). New York 's Capital District is centered on the state capital of Albany . Understand. The region covers the following counties. Albany County - The state's capital city and its suburbs in the east; still rural in its west. Montgomery County.

  6. The federal capital of Brazil, Brasília, which is also the seat of government of the Federal District, is located in its territory. The Federal District is almost completely surrounded by the state of Goiás , but it shares a small border with Minas Gerais .