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  1. The district forms a central portion of the Chaj Doab lying between the Jhelum and Chenab rivers. It lies from 30° 8' to 32° 40' N and 73° 36' to 73° 37' E. The tehsil headquarters towns of Phalia and Malikwal are 22.5 and 28.5 kilometres (14.0 and 17.7 mi) from Mandi Bahauddin, respectively.

  2. The geology of the Australian Capital Territory includes rocks dating from the Ordovician around 480 million years ago, whilst most rocks are from the Silurian. During the Ordovician period the region—along with most of eastern Australia —was part of the ocean floor.

  3. Wellington has been the capital of New Zealand since 1865. New Zealand 's first capital city was Old Russell ( Okiato ) in 1840–41. Auckland was the second capital from 1841 until 1865, when Parliament was permanently moved to Wellington after an argument that persisted for a decade.

  4. Capital punishment was repealed in New York after the New York Court of Appeals, the highest court in the state, ruled the practice as unconstitutional under the state's constitution in 2004. [1] In 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court 's ruling declared existing capital punishment statutes unconstitutional in Furman v.

  5. Capital district proposals Proposals have sometimes been made to separate the National Capital Region from its two respective provinces, and transform it into a separate capital district , like the District of Columbia in the United States or the Australian Capital Territory ; [37] however, the proposal has never come close to fruition and there is no such movement currently active. [37]

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    Tripoli, Greece, the capital of Arcadia, Greece; Tripolis (region of Arcadia), a district in ancient Arcadia, Greece; Tripolis (Larisaia), an ancient Greek city in the Pelasgiotis district, Thessaly, near Larissa; Tripolis (Perrhaebia), a district of three cities in ancient Perrhaebia, Thessaly, Greece

  7. A local service district is a type of designated place in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. In the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, a local service district is a defined area led by an elected committee responsible for the delivery of services including water, sewer, fire, garbage, street lighting, animal control, and/or road maintenance services to ratepayers within a ...