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  1. Há 3 dias · Bertrand Russell concluded his introduction to War Crimes in Vietnam with a quote by playwright Peter Weiss: The tenancy of the rich nations is infected with the stench of carrion. The progress that politicians in these countries speak about with voices drowned in tears looks more and more like progress in the elimination of human life.

  2. Há 5 dias · In his 1930 book The Conquest of Happiness, Bertrand Russell talks about the fear of public opinion and how unhappy it can make us!

  3. Há 6 dias · Bertrand Russell: Prose Style. Bertrand Russell is one of the greatest masters of English Prose. He revolutionized not only the subject matter but also… Read More »

  4. 11 de jul. de 2024 · Bertrand Russell (18 de mayo de 1872 - 2 de febrero de 1970), fue un filósofo, matemático y escritor inglés cuya obra ha tenido un impacto profundo en lo que se conoce como filosofía analítica, una corriente que enfatiza la claridad y la rigurosidad lógica en el análisis filosófico. Durante la Primera Guerra Mundial, su postura pacifista lo llevó a la cárcel por defender a los ...

  5. Há 5 dias · Bertrand Russell, during his early career, was much influenced by Frege. Russell famously discovered the paradox in Basic Law V which undermined Frege's logicist project. However, like Frege, Russell argued that mathematics is reducible to logical fundamentals in The Principles of Mathematics (1903).

  6. Há 2 dias · Here you go, Bertrand Russell’s Decalogue: 1. Do not feel absolutely certain of anything. 2. Do not think it worth while to proceed by concealing evidence, for the evidence is sure to come to light. 3. Never try to discourage thinking for you are sure to succeed. 4.

  7. Há 3 dias · Histoire du mot [modifier | modifier le code] Par la traduction de son ouvrage Essai sur les fondements de la géométrie , Bertrand Russell est à l'origine de l'introduction du mot « épistémologie » en français en 1901 . Le terme « épistémologie » vient du grec ancien ἐπιστήμη / epistếmê « connaissance, capacité à faire, art, habileté, compétence professionnelle ...

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