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  1. Archduke Leopold Ludwig Maria Franz Julius Estorgius Gerhard of Austria (6 June 1823 – 24 May 1898) was an Austrian general and admiral. Life. Archduke Leopold was the eldest son of Archduke Rainer Joseph of Austria and Princess Elisabeth of Savoy and a grandson of Leopold II, Holy Roman Emperor.

  2. Archduke Leopold Wilhelm of Austria (5 January 1614 – 20 November 1662), younger brother of Emperor Ferdinand III, was an Austrian soldier, administrator and patron of the arts.

  3. Archduke Leopold Ferdinand of Austria (2 December 1868 – 4 July 1935) was the eldest son of Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany, and Alice of Bourbon-Parma.

  4. Archduke Leopold Wilhelm: a Baroque prince of the Church par excellence. Leopold Wilhelm represents an extreme case of an accumulation of ecclesiastical offices and sinecures. Without ever having received major orders as a priest, he became the holder of no fewer than six bishoprics.

  5. Leopold Wilhelm. Archduke of Austria (non-ruling member of the dynasty); prince of the Church and holder of several bishoprics (prince-bishop of Passau and Strasbourg, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights); governor of the Spanish Netherlands (1646–1656) Patron of the arts and governor.

  6. dewiki Leopold von Österreich (1823–1898) elwiki Λεοπόλδος Λουδοβίκος, αρχιδούκας της Αυστρίας. enwiki Archduke Leopold Ludwig of Austria. eswiki Leopoldo Luis de Austria. frwiki Léopold d'Autriche (1823-1898) hewiki לאופולד לודוויג, ארכידוכס אוסטריה. huwiki Habsburg ...

  7. Description. Carte-de-visite three quarter length photograph of Archduke Leopold of Austria. He is shown standing and in three quarter view, facing towards the right of the image, with his arms by his side. In his left hand he is holding the hilt of his sword.