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    Adam Bede is described as a tall, stalwart, moral, and unusually competent carpenter. He is 26 years old at the beginning of the novel, and bears an "expression of large-hearted intelligence." Seth Bede is Adam's younger brother, and is also a carpenter, but he is not particularly competent, and "his glance, instead of being keen, is ...

  2. Adam Bede é o primeiro romance de George Eliot, pseudônimo de Mary Ann Evans. Foi publicado pela primeira vez em 1859 [ 1 ] sob pseudônimo, apesar do fato de Evans ser uma acadêmica altamente respeitada em seu tempo.

  3. Adam Bede, novel written by George Eliot, published in three volumes in 1859. The title character, a carpenter, is in love with an unmarried woman who bears a child by another man. Although Bede tries to help her, he eventually loses her but finds happiness with someone else.

    • George Eliot
    • 1859
  4. Adam Bede is George Eliot’s first full-length novel, and embodies the realist aims she would continue to develop over the course of her career. Published in 1859, it is set 60 years earlier in the fictional village of Hayslope, where a morally-upright carpenter named Adam Bede is in love with Hetty Sorrel , a pretty and self-absorbed dairymaid.

    • George Eliot
    • Adam Bede
    • Prose
    • 1859
  5. Themes in Adam Bede. Adam Bede addresses a number of issues in human society and relationships, including aesthetics, diligence, emotions, family and duty, actions and consequences, etc. Aesthetics. The theme of aesthetics in Adam Bede teaches that our sensitivity to beauty

  6. Adam Bede. 'Adam Bede' is a romance novel by George Eliot set in the fictional village of Hayslope and its environs in the 18th Century idyllic countryside of England. It narrates the love triangles, hopes, and heartaches of the eponymous character Adam Bede, a poor carpenter but held in high esteem in the village for his hard work, integrity, ...

  7. Adam Bede is a novel about Adam, the protagonist of the novel who falls in love based on beauty and charms but would find that behind the beauty which enchants him lies a selfish, ignorant girl whose lack of judgment and poor decision making lands her in a scandal and prison.

  8. Adam loves a seventeen-year-old village beauty named Hetty Sorrel. Hetty, who is Mr. Poyser’s niece, lives with the Poysers and helps with the chores. Thias Bede, the father of Seth and Adam, drowns in the river near their house after a drinking binge. Their mother, Lisbeth, is distraught.

  9. Adam Bede is a polished and delicately painted debut novel . George Eliot published Silas Marner and the Mill on the Floss in each of the next two years. How amazing! Adam Bede predates Hardy's Tess of D' Ubervilles by over 30 years and honestly, I found Eliot's novel more suspenseful and brutal.

  10. Adam Bede, der namensgebende Held des Romans, ist ein im Dorf ansässiger Schreiner. Er wird von den anderen Dorfbewohnern für seine Aufrichtigkeit und Intelligenz bewundert. Adam ist in Hetty verliebt. Diese fühlt sich jedoch zu Arthur hingezogen, dem Enkel und künftigen Erben des Squire. Sie verliebt sich in ihn.

  11. Adam Bede é um filme mudo britânico de 1918, do gênero drama, dirigido por Maurice Elvey e estrelado por Bransby Williams, Ivy Close e Malvina Longfellow. [1] Foi uma adaptação do romance Adam Bede, de George Eliot. Elenco. Bransby Williams - Adam Bede; Ivy Close - Hetty Sorrel; Malvina Longfellow - Dinah Morris

  12. Adam Bede (1859) is the second novel of George Eliot, It has the beautiful setting of rural England in the late eighteenth century. The idea of the novel came from the account of her aunt, Elizabeth Evans, a Methodist preacher about a girl waiting at the condemned cell of Nottingham gaol execution for the murder of her child.