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  1. Anders Celsius. Anders Celsius ( Swedish pronunciation: [ˈânːdɛʂ ˈsɛ̌lːsɪɵs]; 27 November 1701 – 25 April 1744) [1] was a Swedish astronomer, physicist and mathematician. He was professor of astronomy at Uppsala University from 1730 to 1744, but traveled from 1732 to 1735 visiting notable observatories in Germany, Italy and France.

  2. Giambattista Vico. Giambattista Vico (born Giovan Battista Vico / ˈviːkoʊ /; Italian: [ˈviko]; 23 June 1668 – 23 January 1744) was an Italian philosopher, rhetorician, historian, and jurist during the Italian Enlightenment. He criticized the expansion and development of modern rationalism, finding Cartesian analysis and other types of ...

  3. The 1744 pact between Muhammad ibn Saud and Muhammad ibn ʿAbd al-Wahhab marked the rise of the First Saudi state, the Emirate of Diriyah, which was established in 1727. By offering the Al-Saud a clearly defined religious mission, the alliance provided the ideological impetus to Saudi expansion. [37]

  4. Mayer Amschel Rothschild (23 February 1744 – 19 September 1812; also spelled Anschel) was a German-Jewish banker and the founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty. [1] Referred to as a "founding father of international finance", Rothschild was ranked seventh on the Forbes magazine list of "The Twenty Most Influential Businessmen of All Time ...

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    Il 1744 (MDCCXLIV in numeri romani) è un anno bisestile del XVIII secolo . 1744 negli altri calendari. Calendario gregoriano. 1744. Ab Urbe condita. 2497 (MMCDXCVII) Calendario armeno. 1192 — 1193. Calendario bengalese.

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    Article détaillé : 1744 au Canada. 24 janvier : assassinat du père jésuite Giuseppe Lamberti. Début de la révolte de Francisco Dagohoy dans l'île de Bohol aux Philippines (fin en 1829) [.

  7. Tomás António Gonzaga, cujo nome arcádico é Dirceu, foi um jurista, poeta e ativista político luso-brasileiro. Considerado o mais proeminente dos poetas árcades, é ainda hoje estudado em escolas e universidades por seu "Marília de Dirceu". Arcadismo. Nasceu a 11 Agosto 1744 (Porto, Portugal) Morreu em 1810 (Ilha de Moçambique ...