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  1. Há 2 dias · In 1660, William's mother Mary and grandmother Amalia tried to persuade several provincial States to designate William as their future stadtholder, but they all initially refused. [26] In 1667, as William III approached the age of 18, the Orangist party again attempted to bring him to power by securing for him the offices of stadtholder and Captain-General .

  2. Há 3 dias · Philip II [note 1] (21 May 1527 – 13 September 1598), also known as Philip the Prudent ( Spanish: Felipe el Prudente ), was King of Spain [note 2] from 1556, King of Portugal from 1580, and King of Naples and Sicily from 1554 until his death in 1598. He was also jure uxoris King of England and Ireland from his marriage to Queen Mary I in 1554 ...

  3. Há 4 dias · Dymaxion world map with continental landmasses (I,II,III,IV) and largest islands (1–30) roughly to scale. This list includes all islands in the world larger than 2,500 km 2 (970 sq mi) and most of the islands over 1,000 km 2 (390 sq mi), sorted in descending order by area.

  4. Há 5 horas · Type of constituency. Borough constituency. During its existence contributed to new seat (s) of: Romsey. Meon Valley. Winchester is a constituency [n 1] in Hampshire represented in the House of Commons of the UK Parliament since 2010 by Steve Brine, a Conservative. [n 2]

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    Há 4 dias · In physics, Hooke's law is an empirical law which states that the force ( F) needed to extend or compress a spring by some distance ( x) scales linearly with respect to that distance—that is, Fs = kx, where k is a constant factor characteristic of the spring (i.e., its stiffness ), and x is small compared to the total possible deformation of ...

  6. Há 3 dias · Formed in 1660, it is one of the oldest learned societies still in existence. Sir Isaac Newton's publication of the Principia Mathematica ushered in what is recognisable as modern physics. The first edition of 1687 and the second edition of 1713 framed the scientific context of the foundation of the United Kingdom.

  7. Há 1 dia · Roanoke Colony ( / ˈroʊənoʊk / ROH-ə-nohk) was an attempt by Sir Walter Raleigh to found the first permanent English settlement in America. The colony was founded in 1585, but when it was visited by a ship in 1590, the colonists had inexplicably disappeared. It has come to be known as the Lost Colony, and the fate of the 112 to 121 ...