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  1. St. Gloriana Girls College (聖グロリアーナ女学院) is one of the schools in Girls und Panzer. The school operates British World War Two tanks including the Matilda, at least one Churchill Mk.VII and the Crusader . Contents. 1Overview. 1.1Uniform. 1.2Tactics. 2Background. 2.1Against Ooarai. 2.2Against BC Freedom. 2.3Against Yogurt. 2.4Against Kuromorimine.

  2. Alice was going to join St Gloriana. It fits her well with her own grace and elegance that will blend well with the rest of the St Gloriana girls. I wonder if her Centurion is coming along or if she'll get a new tank for Das Finale. I'm sure she brought her Centurion and it helps even the odds in the match.

  3. Darjeeling (ダージリン, Dājirin) is the commander of St. Gloriana Girls College's Sensha-Dō team and one of the supporting characters in Girls und Panzer. Darjeeling is a third-year student from St. Gloriana Girls College.

  4. Girls und Panzer Main Character Index. Ōarai: Ōarai Girls' Academy ( Anglerfish Team, Duck Team and Hippo Team, Rabbit Team and Turtle Team) Rival Schools: Rival Schools (St. Gloriana Girls Academy, Saunders University High School, Anzio High School, Pravda High School, Kuromorimine Girls High School) Others: Der Film Characters | Das Finale ...

  5. The battle between Kuromorimine Girls' Academy (bracket number 9) and St. Gloriana Girls' College (bracket number 14) was the second match of the third round of the 41st Winter Continuous Track Cup Sensha-dō Tournament. The match takes place in an arid, mountainous desert area. St. Gloriana won...

  6. Overview. St. Gloriana Girl's Academy is a British academy, where the students mostly have a British lineage and they're often seen drinking tea even in combat. They make use of one Churchill Mk. VII tank as their commanding tank and four Matilda II Mk.

  7. I’m going to split these lists into multiple posts, in the order of which Ooarai has faced the schools (St Gloriana, Saunders, Anzio, Pravda, Kuromorimine, University. Jatkosota and Chi Ha Tan will be together before University) So now, onto the only team that has won against Ooarai, Saint Gloriana’s: