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  1. A unitary parliamentary republic is a unitary state with a republican form of government in which the political power is vested in and entrusted to the parliament with confidence [clarification needed] by its electorate. [further explanation needed]

  2. Parliamentary republic: Head of state is a president that is mostly or entirely ceremonial; ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence Constitutional monarchy (ceremonial): Head of state is a monarch that is mostly or entirely ceremonial; ministry is subject to parliamentary confidence

    Constitutional Form
    Head Of State
    Basis Of Executive Legitimacy
    No constitutionally-defined basis to ...
    Ministry is subject to parliamentary ...
    Presidency independent of legislature;
    Constitutional monarchy
    Ministry is subject to parliamentary ...
    • Powers
    • Historical Development
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    In contrast to republics operating under either the presidential system or the semi-presidential system, the head of state usually does not have executive powers as an executive president would (some may have reserve powers or a bit more influence beyond that), because many of those powers have been granted to a head of government (usually called a...

    Typically, parliamentary republics are states that were previously constitutional monarchieswith a parliamentary system. Following the defeat of Napoleon III in the Franco-Prussian War, France once again became a republic – the French Third Republic – in 1870. The President of the Third Republic had significantly less executive powers than those of...

  3. A unitary state is a sovereign state governed as a single entity in which the central government is the supreme authority. The central government may create or abolish administrative divisions (sub-national units). Such units exercise only the powers that the central government chooses to delegate.

  4. Red is a constitutional monarchy. Orange is a parliamentary republic. Green is where the parliament helps the executive, but does not choose it. A parliamentary republic is a name for a government. The system is used in many countries . What it looks like In a parliamentary system, the legislature is the part of government that makes laws.