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    The Latin script, also known as the Roman script, and technically Latin writing system, is an alphabetic writing system based on the letters of the classical Latin alphabet, derived from a form of the Greek alphabet which was in use in the ancient Greek city of Cumae, in southern Italy (Magna Graecia).

    • Latin-script alphabet

      A Latin-script alphabet (Latin alphabet or Roman alphabet)...

    • Latin

      Latin (lingua Latina, Latin: [ˈlɪŋɡʷa ɫaˈtiːna], or Latinum,...

  2. The Latin or Roman script is a writing system used to write many modern-day languages including English. It is the most used writing system in the world today. It is the official script for nearly all the languages of Western Europe and of some Eastern European languages. It is also used by some non-European languages such as Turkish ...

    • ~700 BC–present