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    Latin was or is the official language of European states: Hungary – Latin was an official language in the Kingdom of Hungary from the 11th century to the mid 19th century, when Hungarian became the exclusive official language in 1844. [citation needed] The best known Latin language poet of Croatian-Hungarian origin was Janus Pannonius.

  2. A língua latina [1] [2] ou latim é uma antiga língua indo-europeia do ramo itálico, originalmente falada no Lácio, a região em volta da cidade de Roma. Foi amplamente difundida, especialmente na Europa Ocidental , como a língua oficial da República Romana , do Império Romano e, após a conversão deste último ao cristianismo , da ...

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  3. The Latin Wikipedia (Latin: Vicipaedia Latina) is the Latin language edition of Wikipedia, created in May 2002. As of May 2023, it has about 138,000 articles . While all primary content is in Latin, modern languages such as English , Italian , French , German or Spanish are often used in discussions, since many users find this easier.

  4. There are three types of Latin: Classical Latin, Vulgar Latin and Ecclesiastical Latin. Classical Latin was used by the educated Romans and is still studied around the world. Vulgar Latin was the more common spoken variety used by the common Romans and was learned by the peoples conquered by them.

  5. Late Latin is the administrative and literary language of Late Antiquity in the late Roman empire and states that succeeded the Western Roman Empire over the same range. By its broadest definition it is dated from about 200 AD to about 900 AD when it was replaced by written Romance languages.

  6. The Romance languages, sometimes referred to as Latin languages or Neo-Latin languages, [clarification needed] are numerous modern languages that evolved from Late Latin and its spoken form, often called Vulgar Latin. [1] They are the only extant subgroup of the Italic languages in the Indo-European language family .

  7. The Latin alphabet or Roman alphabet is the collection of letters originally used by the ancient Romans to write the Latin language. Largely unaltered with the exception of extensions (such as diacritics ), it forms the Latin script that is used to write English and other modern European languages.

  8. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Latin language. History portal language portal Subcategories This category has the following 20 subcategories, out of 20 total. Forms of Latin ‎ (1 C, 22 P) D Dog Latin words and phrases ‎ (7 P) E Latin-language education ‎ (2 C, 10 P) Latin encyclopedists ‎ (4 P) Latin epigraphy ‎ (3 C, 6 P) G

  9. El latín ( autoglotónimo: Lingua Latina o Latina; en griego clásico: Λατινικὴ ɣλῶττα; en neogriego: Λατινική γλώσσα o Λατινικά) es una lengua itálica perteneciente al subgrupo latino-falisco, 2 y a su vez a la familia de las lenguas indoeuropeas, 3 que fue hablada en la Antigua Roma y posteriormente durante la Edad Media y la Edad Moderna, l...

  10. Códigos de língua. ISO 639 -1: la. ISO 639-2: lat. ISO 639-3: lat. Latim antigo (também arcaico ou primitivo) é a forma do latim usada no período anterior à era do latim clássico, ou seja, anterior a 75 a.C. [ 1] Inscrição na Fíbula Prenestina, a primeira inscrição conhecida da língua latina.

  11. 30 de abr. de 2022 · The article Latin language on Wikipedia projects: (en) Latin +/− Latina: Lingua Latina English: Latin language Deutsch: lateinische Sprache Español: Latín Français : Latin Italiano: Lingua latina Português: Língua latina Contents 1 Inscriptions 2 Books and MSS 3 Names 4 Recitations 5 Music 6 Allegory 7 Latin Scholars and authors of Latin texts

  12. União Latina. Essa organização tinha a finalidade de promover e disseminar a essência comum das línguas românicas. Foi criada em 15 de maio de 1954. As línguas oficiais da união são o português, o francês, o italiano, o romeno, o castelhano e o catalão.

  13. 27 de abr. de 2023 · What is the Latin language? Why is Latin a dead language? Why is Latin used for scientific taxonomy? Summary Read a brief summary of this topic Latin language, Latin lingua Latina, Indo-European language in the Italic group and ancestral to the modern Romance languages.