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  1. The Cyprus problem, also known as the Cyprus dispute, Cyprus issue, Cyprus question or Cyprus conflict, is an ongoing dispute between the leadership of the Greek Cypriot community in the southern portion of Cyprus, and that of the Turkish Cypriot community, situated in the north.

    • 1963–present
    • Ongoing, The United Nations establishes a buffer zone between the two countries.
  2. On 5 November 1914, in response to the Ottoman Empire's entry into the First World War on the side of the Central Powers, the United Kingdom formally declared Cyprus (together with Egypt and Sudan) a protectorate of the British Empire [48] and later a Crown colony, known as British Cyprus.

  3. International involvement from sides of the US and UK, wanting a solution to the Cyprus dispute prior to the EU accession led to political pressures for new talks. The believe that an accession without a solution would threaten Greek-Turkish relations and acknowledge the partition of the island would direct the coming negotiations.

    • 1955–1974
  4. The Cyprus problem, also known as the Cyprus dispute, Cyprus issue, Cyprus question or Cyprus conflict, is an ongoing dispute between Greek Cypriots in the south and Turkish Cypriots in the north.

    • 1963-present
    • Cyprus
  5. 1931 Cyprus revolt. 1950 Cypriot enosis referendum. 1964 Famagusta incident. 1974 Cypriot coup d'état. 2018 Cyprus gas dispute.

  6. The Republic of Cyprus (Cyprus) and Turkey have been engaged in a dispute over the extent of their exclusive economic zones (EEZ), ostensibly sparked by oil and gas exploration in the area. Turkey objects to Cypriot drilling in waters that Cyprus has asserted a claim to under international maritime law.

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    Cyprus (/ ˈ s aɪ p r ə s / ), officially the Republic of Cyprus, is an island country located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is geographically in Western Asia, but its cultural ties and geopolitics are overwhelmingly Southeastern European. Cyprus is the third-largest and third-most populous island in the Mediterranean.

  8. In 1878 the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, came under British control. Its population is made up of both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Cypriot majority desired the removal of British rule and union with Greece, known as Enosis.

  9. 27 de jul. de 2021 · Initially, with the occupation of the island by the British Empire from the Ottoman Empire in 1878 and subsequent annexation in 1925, the "Cyprus dispute" was identified as the conflict between the people of Cyprus and the British Crown regarding the Cypriots' demand for self-determination.

  10. Greece. Diplomatic mission. Embassy of Cyprus, Athens. Embassy of Greece, Nicosia. Cyprus–Greece relations are the bilateral relations between Cyprus and Greece. Cyprus has an embassy in Athens and a consulate-general in Thessaloniki. Greece has an embassy in Nicosia.

  11. Category. : Cyprus dispute. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Cyprus problem. ongoing dispute between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Upload media. Wikipedia. Instance of.

  12. خريطة قبرص من الفضاء الأهمية الجيوسياسية لقبرص. نزاع قبرص وتعرف أيضًا باسم النزاع القبرصي أو القضية القبرصية أو الصراع القبرصي هو نزاع بين سكان الجزيرة من القبارصة اليونانيين والقبارصة الأتراك. بدأت مع انتزاع الإمبراطورية البريطانية الجزيرة من الدولة العثمانية سنة 1878، ثم ضمها لاحقًا في 1914. [1] [2]