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  1. The Germanic languages are a branch of the Indo-European language family spoken natively by a population of about 515 million people mainly in Europe, North America, Oceania and Southern Africa. The most widely spoken Germanic language, English, is also the world's most widely spoken language with an estimated 2

  2. As línguas germânicas são um ramo da família indo-europeia. Englobam cerca de 500 milhões de falantes nativos, localizados principalmente na Europa, América do Norte, Oceania e África Austral, e mais de 2 bilhões com a inclusão de bilíngues no mundo todo. [ 1]

  3. The Germanic languages include some 58 (SIL estimate) languages and dialects that originated in Europe; this language family is part of the Indo-European language family. Each subfamily in this list contains subgroups and individual languages.

  4. German ( Standard High German: Deutsch, pronounced [dɔʏtʃ] i) is a West Germanic language mainly spoken in Western Europe and Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the Italian province of South Tyrol.

    • 95 million (2014), L2 speakers: 80–85 million (2014)
  5. The Germanic languages are a group of Indo-European languages. They came from one language, Proto-Germanic, which was first spoken in Scandinavia in the Iron Age. Today, the Germanic languages are spoken by around 515 million people as a first language. English is the most spoken Germanic language, with 360-400 million native speakers.

  6. Przeworsk culture eastward expansion of the Wielbark culture Proto-Germanic developed out of pre-Proto-Germanic during the Pre-Roman Iron Age of Northern Europe.

  7. German (German: Deutsch) is a West Germanic language. It is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg; natively by around 100 million people. It is the most widely spoken mother tongue in the first language. There are some people who speak German in Belgium, The Netherlands, France and Northern Italy.