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  1. The Indonesian Maritime Security Agency (Indonesian: Badan Keamanan Laut Republik Indonesia – Bakamla) is a maritime patrol and rescue agency of the Republic of Indonesia. Bakamla is a non-ministerial government institution which reports directly to the President through Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs .

  2. The Maritime Expeditionary Security Force (MESF) is a force within the United States Navy under the organizational structure of the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command. The MESF originated from the Naval Coastal Warfare community which transitioned to the MESF in the early 2000s. [1]

  3. The Maritime Administration is also charged with maintaining the health of the merchant marine, since commercial mariners, vessels, and intermodal facilities are vital for supporting national security, and so the agency provides support and information for current mariners, extensive support for educating future mariners, and programs to educate America's young people about the vital role the ...

  4. The main demographic difference that sets Maritime Southeast Asia apart from modern Mainland Southeast Asia is that its population predominantly belongs to Austronesian groups. The region contains some of the world's most highly urbanized areas— Greater Jakarta , Greater Kuala Lumpur , Metro Manila , and Singapore —and yet a majority of islands in this vast region remain uninhabited by humans.

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    Security mostly refers to protection from hostile forces, but it has a wide range of other senses: for example, as the absence of harm (e.g. freedom from want); as the presence of an essential good (e.g. food security); as resilience against potential damage or harm (e.g. secure foundations); as secrecy (e.g. a secure telephone line); as containment (e.g. a secure room or cell); and as a state ...

  6. Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), according to International Labour Organization, provides a broad perspective to the seafarer’s rights and fortification at work. [3] The convention entered into force on 20 August 2013, one year after registering 30 ratifications of countries representing over 33 per cent of the world gross tonnage of ships. [1]

  7. The Israeli–Lebanese maritime border dispute was a territorial dispute between the State of Israel and the Republic of Lebanon over the Qana and Karish gas fields. The dispute lasted from 2010 until 2022, and was resolved after nearly two years of negotiations.